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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is Single Phasing fault???(not single-phase fault)

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How we calculate the current carriying capacity of the different sizes of Aluminium busbar ?

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when is the Ohms law is applicable?

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What makes the difference between 50Hz supply and 60Hz supply which one is economical? What is the use of using increased frequency?

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why middle phase should used for earth fault and other phases used for over current in overcurrent and earth fault relay?

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what is different between IP55,IP54 and IP66?

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which technique servo motor tested o.k or faulty ?

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If we have a 2000kva load,How much kvar capacitors we go to add to improve the power factor at 0.9?pls give the calculation and fully theory?

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what is a difference b/w earthing & neutral?

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What is the difference between Class PX & Class X CT's

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What is the difference between MPCB and OLR?

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What is Meant by Load factor in Power plant?

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What is the formula formula for Busbar sizing and what are the things to be consider for Busbar Calculation?


What are the factor to be consider for CT selection in 132kV substation?


what size of copper busbar use for 11kv 630A

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ABB Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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