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What is CCTV System???Applications........

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What is CCTV System???Applications..........

Answer / shaik sandani

cctv means closed circuit telivision , mian purpose of this
cctv application is to monitor our surroundings and our
places to have a eagle eye on the criminals , and to reduce
the crime rate .
in cctv we are going to use many components like capture
cameras,eqipments to save the captured scenes by the

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What is CCTV System???Applications..........

Answer / manoj

CCTV is close circuit which we can record images and videos for surveillance purpose to reduce crime rate.

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What is CCTV System???Applications..........

Answer / mohan

cctv is a closed circuit television,on roads to control
traffic, in banks,we can install this type of equipment
where the crime is going continuasly, and super markets
many more.....for more details mail me

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What is CCTV System???Applications..........

Answer / l b lakhnotra

In current situation CCTV (Close circuit television) used
as below area
1. Power plant like high pressure and high temperature
steam drum for condition monitoring
2. Air port
3. Main road
4. Mega city
5. Steam turbine
6. Flameble area like petrol pump and LDO pump
7. Used for Prohibited to Enemy entry from border.
8. Port
9. Custom area
10. Chemical and processing plant.

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What is CCTV System???Applications..........

Answer / dini

cctv is a closed circuit television its used in the
buildings,IT industries,supermalls,traffic signals,..etc to
protect from thefts,malicious activitiies,survilience,..

it had many types,
1.analog camera
2.ip camera

it requires power on 12V and bnc connector helps to connect
camera for dvr or dvm.

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What is CCTV System???Applications..........

Answer / siva

Now, with an increased need for greater security, CCTV is the obvious answer.
Modern IP-based CCTV systems can be linked to anywhere delivering clear,
live images reliably and quickly to help prevent crime. Tricubes IP-based CCTV
systems can be used anywhere: in banks, airports, train stations, bus terminals,
busy public roads and in the quietest neighbourhoods. Another commonly
overlooked advantage of a CCTV system is its ability to stop crime before it’s
committed: the potential criminal can never be sure if someone’s watching.
And stopping crime is always a good thing.

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What is CCTV System???Applications..........

Answer / samaustin

CCTV-Closed Circuit Television
CCTV System-It is an arrangement of a camera and lens with
all equipment required for the surveillance of a specific
protected area.It protects business area and manufacturing
area,banking areas,government area and airport and many
places that is covered by cctv camera.
more security camera details:-

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What is CCTV System???Applications..........

Answer / manoj ptil

CCTV means Closed Circuit Television,
Following are the Application:-
1)Big Market city.
2)IT store room.
3)Railway Station.
4)In compay, Entry Restricate areas.

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What is CCTV System???Applications..........

Answer / philimon mathias

closed circuit television

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What is CCTV System???Applications..........

Answer / mani

cctv is closed circuit which we can record images and videos for surveilance purpose to reduce crime rate

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