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how DC is differ from AC ? what are the difference between
them ?exept (P-N)&(+__-)

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how DC is differ from AC ? what are the difference between them ?exept (P-N)&(+__-)..

Answer / amritpal singh sidhu

AC is differ from DC as per given below:
1. In AC transformer can be used but in DC we can't use
2. In AC can't be stored but DC can be.
3. In AC there is skin effect but in DC there is no skin
4. There is revolving field in 3-phase AC machines but
there is no revolving field in DC machines.
5. AC switch gears are cheap,robust,easily maintence but DC
switch gears are not.

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how DC is differ from AC ? what are the difference between them ?exept (P-N)&(+__-)..

Answer / t lakshmi narayana

If DC Voltage(=5v) is applied for a resistor 'R' Heat is
For same resistor 'R' and same amount of heat an AC voltage
applied is more.

DC = RMS Value * AC

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