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can u please tell me the different types of valve uses and
wt purposes it is used ~!(controlling the flow other than
that which valve should be used in what place)

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can u please tell me the different types of valve uses and wt purposes it is used ~!(controlling t..

Answer / oscar b. ano-os jr.

In general, valves can be categorized only into two types,
STOP VALVES AND CHECK VALVES... Stop valves are used to
control process flow (i.e 25%, 50%, 75% and so on) while
check valves are used to restrict the flow of process in
only one direction.

Types of Stop Valves are Globe Valves, Butterfly Valves,
Ball Valves, Saunders Valve and other types while the most
coomon tyoe of Check Valve is the Relief Valve used to
deppresurize tanks and vessels...

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can u please tell me the different types of valve uses and wt purposes it is used ~!(controlling t..

Answer /

We can devide valve types by 3 considerations:

# valve types with considering valve function- so we have:
on/off valve
control valve( or called throttling or modulating valve )
safety/relief valve
check valve

# valve types with considering stem motion- so we have:
linear motion which have: globe, gate, bench valve
rotary motion which have: ball, butterfly, disk valve

# valve types with considering actuator type- so we have:
manual valve
MOV (Motorized Operating Valve)
solenoid valve
pneumatic valve: diaphragm, piston valve
hydrolic valve: piston valve


Ahmed Sabry
Control and Instrumentation Engineer
GPC - General Petroleum Company
CELL.: 00 2 0121367310

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