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advantage of cu cable over al cable

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advantage of cu cable over al cable..

Answer / mohit.k.k

cu cable has more current capacity than al cable. for
carrying same cu cable is of small sq mm than al cable. but
we use al cable mostly above 16 sq mm because of cost factor

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advantage of cu cable over al cable..

Answer / sam

Cu cable having less resistance than Al cable and it is
mostly used for UPS & Earthing system,, where we need
losses to less and resistamce to very less...

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advantage of cu cable over al cable..

Answer / ramaraj.g

the cu cable is high heat withsatand , high stating
current to withstand , long life in anty other cables
and main advantage is CU occupy in less plasce in high
current rating that AL cable is low carrent is occupy the
more plasce is power line
this are advantages of the cu cable over the al cable

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advantage of cu cable over al cable..

Answer / mrudang

cu has more strength of heat withstand
cu is melt 300 degree celcius and Al is melt at 160 degree
cu has less resistance
cu has high conductivity

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