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why we wre doing linearity siudiec in hplc method validation

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why we wre doing linearity siudiec in hplc method validation..

Answer / rc reddy

The question is why linearity in method validation ? In fact
, the linearity is to prove that the method is capable pf
producing the response linearly or proportionally to the
amount present the sample.

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why we wre doing linearity siudiec in hplc method validation..

Answer / k.praveen kumar macleods pharm

If the method is linear or not from certain range suppose
in assay validation the range is 50% to 150% we are
injecting minimum 6 levels and also Calculate the regration
line the correlation coefficient should be less than 0.999
Here regration line equation is y=mx+c

where y = Regration line
m = Slope
c = Intercept.

and also calculate residual sum of squares from theorical
and practical

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why we wre doing linearity siudiec in hplc method validation..

Answer / sridhar chinta

Linearity is done in hplc method validation to show that the
method is linear through out the concentration range i.e.
the hplc method can give results according to the set
concentration , for instance if 1x is the area obtained for
50% solution then for 100% solution it should bee 2X i.e.
and so on. So for every hplc method lineariy is a must

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