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what is role of medical representative..

Answer / sanjib rakshit

the role of m.r is convincing doc and generate prescription
fevar of the company.

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what is role of medical representative..

Answer / srinivasulu reddy

Medical Representative job role is convicing doctors and
generate prescription for fevar of the company products

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what is role of medical representative..

Answer / vishal sharma

MR is not just a medical representative but major thing is
build a strong relation with customers not personal just
professional and generate the Rx from the drs and also care
of retailer and stockist so we can say overall MR is a owner
of the product in his territory

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what is role of medical representative..

Answer / shalendiya

The role M.R is to Promote the product to the doctors and
dealers and to check the pharmacy the product is maintained

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what is role of medical representative..

Answer / suresh tamire

mr job is to create demand for the product in the market by
generating the prescription from the doctors and make the
availability of the product a the chemists and maintain the
stocks at the stockists. and also collect the payment
vouchers from the stockists.

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what is role of medical representative..

Answer / srinath

Medical Representative job role is convicing doctors and
generate prescription for fevar of the company products.and
get the priscription from the dactor
to maintain the sales reports send it to higher afficials

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what is role of medical representative..

Answer / money

the job of a medical
representative is to
convince the doctors to
write prescription
containing products of
their company and to
create the demand of
the products in the

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what is role of medical representative..

Answer / prasad.k

He introduce and explain or dealing(best features nd side
effacts) about the product with doctors to sale of the

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what is role of medical representative..

Answer / saravanamurthy covai

Establish our products by meet customers like Dr's,chemist and achive the target

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what is role of medical representative..

Answer / sandeep patel padam

medical representative is one who becomes the major barrier between the manufacturers and the market . he mainly educates the health care department about the drugs that his company is manufacturing and plays an importent role in the sale of the products of the manufacturers under whom he is working

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