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how to calculate the mf of kwh meter,if ct the ratio on
meter is 100/5A

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how to calculate the mf of kwh meter,if ct the ratio on meter is 100/5A..

Answer / kishor shetty

MF=(CT ratio)*(PT ratio)if HT side
eg; =(100/5A)*(11000/110V)
in LT side
MF=(CT ratio)
=20 (PT is not applicable for LT side)

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how to calculate the mf of kwh meter,if ct the ratio on meter is 100/5A..

Answer / veerendra

or u can just do one thing...
see the range for the wattmeter..
& use the formula below..
((voltage range)* (current range))/ (full scale deflection
fro the meter)

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