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Juniper Networks Interview Questions
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How data flow from source to destination, Explain each step from layer to layer?

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What is priority inversion?

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send me the upsc conventional papers of 2006

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There are 25 horses and only five tracks in a race. How do you find the second coming horse of all the 25 horses, provided there is no stop clock? (obviously, a horse cannot participate more than once in a race).

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What is data com?? How it works, what is diffrence between datacom and telecom?

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transformers parts & function of each parts

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what is difference between kernel and shell?

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how many earthing required for ups, what should be the earth voltages

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What is the CDR format generated by ZTE NEs?

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when we given 3 phase supply to ups system, but out put comes with 3 phase + neutral how it possible? pls explain.

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How to see the running-config & startup-config infor from global configuration mode. As we know, from priviledge mode we cn see it by executing command. i.e. Router#show running-config and Router#show startup-config Now wat is the coommands use in global configuration mode o see those info. Router(Config)# ??????

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What is the basic principal of Diesel genarator?

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y neutal is required for 3 phase. neutral carrys only current or voltage. in 3 phase circuits.


When we getting shock, its we getting from voltage or Current.

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