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battery spicgravity mesuserd?

battery spicgravity mesuserd?..

Answer / j.nanda kumar

Battery specific gravity is measured with HYDROMETER.The
range of the Battery is 1150 to 1250.Fully charged
hydrometer when immersed in a battery shows 1250.

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i am BSEE student, my project study is to synchronize the generator of an hospital, it have a one 313KVA standby-power diesel gen.,and three 100kva transformer.The generator system is operated manually and no ATS or UPS. one more new building is being build so the transformer will be upgrade to a higher vale. 1)how i can connect the new gen. to the old gen. and to the synchronize panel? 2)what is the new gen. to be buy?(rating, etc.) These is my title: To synchronize the generator system of the ____ Hospital. Anyone have a good title? Thanks.

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