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how to calculate the cable size

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how to calculate the cable size..

Answer / trak

First u hav to find load current. according to the load
current u can choose a braking current . the condition s
braking current should be higher than the load current n
the derating current should b higher than the braking
current. based on these u can choose opt cables frm the
selected suppliers.

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how to calculate the cable size..

Answer / varun

defined in steps as under:
1. Calculate load current
2. multiply this current( take some higher value) with 1.1
0r 1.2 acc. to derating factor
3. calculate length of cable to be used
4.see cable catalogue and calculate voltage drop in cable
which should be less then 6%

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how to calculate the cable size..

Answer / saravanan

first see the total load current......based on the load
current cable size is selected...

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