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can any one tell me that how shoul i prepere for entrance
exams of psu i mean from which book i have to gone through?

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can any one tell me that how shoul i prepere for entrance exams of psu i mean from which book i ha..

Answer / ranjeet

go through O.P GUPTA OBJECTIVE and make ur basics strong

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can any one tell me that how shoul i prepere for entrance exams of psu i mean from which book i ha..

Answer / somsubhra bera

to clear the written test of PSU exam must read the
objective books of 1. O.P Gupta
2. Ramprasad

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can any one tell me that how shoul i prepere for entrance exams of psu i mean from which book i ha..

Answer / rahaman

due to thermal cracking large amounts of coke is formed which poisions the catalyst,so steam is added to reduce coke formation, what steam does is that it oxidise carbon to co or co2

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What are angle of repose applications in the chemical industry?

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ENGINEERING PHYSICS - EXAMPLE 30.2 : The Planck-Einstein relation connects the particulate photon energy E with its associated wave frequency f to produce E = hf. Let h to be the Planck constant. The frequency f, wavelength L and speed of light c are related by E = hc / L. With p denoting the linear momentum of a particle, the de Broglie wavelength L of the particle is given by L = h / p. (a) Find the equation of E as a function of p and c. (b) If E has a unit of electron-volt and f has a unit of 1 / second, then what is the unit of h?

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What is the best way to control an oversized, horizontally oriented shell and tube steam heater?

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If I do M tech in chemical engineering from iit kgp,iit delhi or iit kanpur...what are the job opportunities,and what salary they offered.plz tell me...i had 156 all india rank..i did not take admission ..but this year i m thinking to take admission...

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Why an electromagnetic flow meter cannot be used for gases, steam and oil flow measurements?

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ENGINEERING MATERIAL - EXAMPLE 12.3 : Let a ^ 2 = a x a and a ^ 3 = a x a x a where ^ is power function. Niobium is a metal with a body-centered cubic structure. The length of the unit cell structure is b = 0.3349 nm. (a) Find the volume for a unit cell structure for niobium. (b) There are 2 atoms per unit cell structure of niobium. The metal has a molar mass of 92.9 g / mol. One mole of the metal consists of 6.02 x 10 ^ 23 atoms. Find the mass of niobium per unit cell and the density of niobium.

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Heat transfer: In a triple effect evaporator, the heat transfer for an evaporator is calculated as q = UA (TI - TF) where TI is the initial temperature, TF is the final temperature; U and A are constants. Given that heat transfer for the first evaporator : q(1) = UA (TI - TB); second evaporator : q(2) = UA (TB - TC); third evaporator : q(3) = UA (TC - TF) where q(x) is the heat transfer function, TB is the temperature of second inlet and TC is the temperature of third inlet, prove that the overall heat transfer Q = q(1) q(2) q(3) = UA (TI - TF).

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Hallow everybody, we want to know in a NPk fertilizer process plant (Bulk Blender) we are in doubt if use square or rectangular hopper jus to avoid the vault effect durin the flow of of raw material like Phosphorus, Potasium and zeolite..Please any advise will be appresated Isdray

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Explain how do you design a vapor-liquid separator or a flash drum?

0 Answers  

what is density

2 Answers   CPCL, TII,

ENGINEERING NUMERICAL METHODS - EXAMPLE 19.2 : For a mixture of benzene (B), toluene (T) and xylene (X), the equation applies where x for B, T and X will sum up to 1. The equation of x for each component is x = (L / V + 1) (F) / (L / V + K). The data of F for each component are : 0.5 for B, 0.35 for T, 0.15 for X. The data of K for each component are : 1.98 for B, 0.76 for T, 0.24 for X. When x for B + x for T + x for X = 1, find the values of (a) L / V; (b) x for each component of B, T, X respectively. You may use Excel program - Data : What-If-Analysis for Goal Seek to perform the iterative calculations.

1 Answers  

what is designing step of heat exchanger

0 Answers   Reliance,

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