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Differance between ELCB and RCCB?

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Differance between ELCB and RCCB?..

Answer / sa

ElCB- Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
RCCB- Residual Current Circuit Breaker

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Differance between ELCB and RCCB?..

Answer / bala

Elcb is voltage operative devices. rccb is current
operative devices

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Differance between ELCB and RCCB?..

Answer / sennapparajan

ELCB- earth leakage circuit breaker which will trips only
on earth fault or earthy leakage.

RCCB- Residual Current Circuit Breaker which will trips in
earth leakage as well as over current fault.

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Differance between ELCB and RCCB?..

Answer / venkat narayana

Every body knows that ELCB ---> Earth Leakage Circuit
Breaker it itself indicate that whenever Current leaks and
go to Earth then it trip the circuit that called earth Leakage.

But where as RRCB Residual Cuurent .i.e sum of all Vector
sum is not equal to ZERO that is called Residual. Whcih
flows through the neutral, THis can set according to our
Load condition, that is it trip under Unbalnced currents.
Ir+Iy+Ib = In = 0 Noraml Condition
Ir+Iy+Ib NOt equal to ZERO, under unbalnced condition.

Further details can contact :

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Differance between ELCB and RCCB?..

Answer / pillay

ELCB is actually voltage operated ie the leaked voltage difference between the faulty equipment's earth body and the earth electrode in the ground.If it exceeds about 40 volts it would trigger the ELCB to trip.If the cable to the earth electrode in the ground is broken or earth electrode is of very high resistance the ELCB will not trip even if there is a big voltage leak.So this is no good.
RCCB is actually seeing the difference in the current flowing in and out of the circuit.If the current that flows into a circuit and comes out is the same than no leak had taken place.If there is a leakage than the current that flows out of the circuit will be less.That means some current had flowed out to the earth or some where,than there is a fault the sensing circuit will detect the difference and trigger the RCCB to trip.RCCBs are rated by the sensivity of the leakage current normally by mAmps. If it is rated as 60 AMPS / 30 milliamps that means it can be used for a circuit of up to 60 Amps but if there is a leakage of 30 milliamps and above it will cause the sensing circuit to trigger the trip.Even if the earth electrode is open it will trip so long there is a flow of current away from the circuit maybe while electricuting somebody.

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Differance between ELCB and RCCB?..

Answer / guest

rcbo Residual Current Breaker which will trips in
earth leakage as well as over current fault.

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Differance between ELCB and RCCB?..

Answer / hardip dodiya

Venkat Narayana.

Ans of Venkat Narayana Sir, is 110% right good explanation

Keep going.

Any other answer is worthless.

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Differance between ELCB and RCCB?..

Answer / pavan kumar

ELCB is a device which operate with earth leakage currents
i.e. very small currents (mA) but where as RCCB is only
concern to rated current i.e. it operates at more than
rated currents.

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