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what is mix design

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what is mix design..

Answer / uday tank

Mix design is the process of determining the ratio of
cement, sand, aggregate and water for any given concert

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what is mix design..

Answer / babar vikram

mix design is the determining the ratio of cement sand
aggregates for getting specified strength

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what is mix design..

Answer / biswapriya mazumder

mix design unlike nominal mix is the method of fixing the
proportion of the cement,sand, coarse aggregates by certain
equations based on trial and error to get the desired fck
value,where fck value is that value where not less than 5%
of the test results are expected to fall.i have seen this
method being used at a L&T site quality control department.

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what is mix design..

Answer / k.indumathi

mix design: The choice and proportioning of aggregate,
cement and water to produce a concrete with the required
properties, the essential elements of which are usually
durability and strength.

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what is mix design..

Answer / santosh

mix design is comonly adopted std. procedure of finding the
mix ratio requred for max. strength of concrete at min.
quantity of material which locally available such as
cement, sand, aggregate & water.

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what is mix design..

Answer / rk

Concrete mix design is the science of deciding relative
proportion of ingredients of concrete, to achieve the
desired properties/ strength in most economical way.

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what is mix design..

Answer / harekrishna mishra

Mix design of concrete is the method suggested By IS to
design the proportion of different ingradients of concrete
in order to have desired strength of CC with MINIMUM use of
cement and use of LOcally available materials(fine and
coarse aggregate).

IS code suggests use of mix design for concrete mix more
than M20 grade.

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what is mix design..

Answer / ae

mixing ratio of cement, sand,water is determine

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what is mix design..

Answer / sushant s das

Determine Cement quantity required for any required grade
of concret in present working condition that is Quality of
sand, aggregate & weather conditon.
Depending on the condition of weather, quality of sand,
aggregate, water & etc Cement required for required grade
of concret is called Design Mix.

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what is mix design..

Answer / mohammed jamshil

mix design is the process of determining the relative proportion of concrete ingredients with an objective to attain the minimum required strength and durability as economically as possible.

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