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what is the aircraft voltage and frequency standard ?

what is the aircraft voltage and frequency standard ?..

Answer / ashish kumar kundu

AC-115 volts of 400 Hz or DC-28 volts
or they used 26 volts AC for lighting purpose

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in a large three phase induction motors usually the value of full load slip is

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In directional earth fault protection for generator, one core balance CT is for residual current, what other CT is for, which is placed on neutral?

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What is dynamo function in DG sets and draw block diagram?

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what are advantage and disadvantage of zener diode?

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The advantage of free wheeling diode in a Full Ware rectifier is -reduces the harmonics -Supplies the voltage at negative vlotage

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why we have to particulary use ACB for below ratings,even available of MCB,MCCB with that range ?

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What is maximum demand?How can we caluclate it?

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what is the exact direction of current? as we know current travels from higher potential to lower potential,so if we take battery +ve to -ve implies current direction is from positive terminal to negative terminal.,whereas electrons flow from negative to positive as they are attracted by positive ions.current will be the plow of charge but not flow of positive ions.please clarify my doubt friends.

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what is The difference between national electrical code and I.S.Code (electrical) and what is the value of NEC in electrical engineering field

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in dc suppy frequency is zero why? if dc frequency is zero how to exist dc transients and ac transients

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What is the major difference between cnc and plc. why cant we use plc instead of cnc

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why core is useful for the transformer and in its operation

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