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how calculation to be done of cable size/o.h. conductor
size of 11kv h.t.for the load of 2175 kw

how calculation to be done of cable size/o.h. conductor size of 11kv h.t.for the load of 2175 kw..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

The current is about 120 A. But it is not continuous.You
have to the study the list of OH conductors available in the
market.For 120 A and 50' Temp rise ,weasel ' ACSR conductor
is enough. Then you have to consider voltage regulation
which should not exceed 6% and further development. Rabbit
ACSR conductor is the next one with carrying capacity of 148
A for 30' temp rise and 183 A for 50 ' temp rise.Temp rise
is for calculation of maximum sag.

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