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NPCIL Interview Questions
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could anyone send me model question papers or outline of graduate trainee(chemical engg) post?


60 watts bulb and resistor home heater is connected in series and 230v is given to the circuit. The heater is giving some amount of heat. If instant of 60 watts bulb replace 100 watts bulb what will be the output of the heater?

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What is ics,icu,icw of load breaker

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purpose of centrifugal pump casing wear ring and impeller wear ring

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what is spill current?

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which value we will take in c- form to issuing c- form any party basic value or basci+ tax plz ans..............

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13. What three Specific Job Positions do you target from QATAR AIRWAYS GROUP U.K?

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Can Superposition theorem be applied to AC Circuits?Can Thevenin's Theorem be applied to AC Circuit too?

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how to calculate overall heat transfer coefficient in insulated pipeline? Please give a answer with formula

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Phase control and integral control are used for?


What is the gain of 1-s/1=s at 1 rad/sec?

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can a power plant work without condenser.

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What will happen to magnitude of voltage of other two phases if one phasw will touch the ground?

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What are the factors considered for the selection of cable?

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What will happen if we do not provide earthing to the newtral of a power system ?

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Un-Answered Questions

who is/are the stake holders in accepting the estimation for specific requirement


Describe the effect of the "checkpoint" t-sql statement?


I am selected interview for computer sc.please give me some information how many types question asked in id is


explain the types of drives


can anyone provide apgenco previous question papers and materials to this id


What are AWK Numerical Functions?


What is difference between secondary Air & Tertiary Air and Their use.?


What is the difference between income statement & Profit&loss A/c?


question no. 4======Give a brief description of the following terms: a) Play head b) Symbol c) Tweening d) ActionScript e) Frame rate f) Library panel g) Masking h) Context – sensitive Property Inspector i) Bandwidth Profiler j) Frame Label


number of I/O devices in siemense plc


please explain clearly about execution of c program in detail,in which stage are the printf sacnf getting into exeecutable code


institutional investors?


we have a bore well 275 depth & water is deliver at distance of 1000 feet from the borewell here iam not include the distance of depth and the deliver water horizontally at our reserviour tank on ground level


what are the various techniques you will use as soon as the srs was given to you to speedup the testing?


How to Determine the last access time of a given file ?


NPCIL Interview Questions
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