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How to calculate the motor winding resistance ?

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How to calculate the motor winding resistance ?..

Answer / sudheer

disconnect the motor connections and separate the wires and
check the resistance with multi meter of all winding

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How to calculate the motor winding resistance ?..

Answer / dharmendra raninga

Please give the answer of this que.

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How to calculate the motor winding resistance ?..

Answer / m.ramesh

how to calculate the motor winding resistance

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How to calculate the motor winding resistance ?..

Answer / manik shinde

first apply the reted voltage & current then once we know
the v & I by voltmeter & ammeter, calculate resistance by

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How to calculate the motor winding resistance ?..

Answer / mike

you can find the resistane by using ohms law but that only
applies to a resistive load. ie.,electric heaters. for an
inductive load you'll have to call manufacture or use an
ohm meter. on a three phase motor the resistance on all
three legs should read the same or very close and on a
single phase the run and common should equal up to what
your start winding ohms are

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How to calculate the motor winding resistance ?..

Answer / myo

The static resistance for the stator you can simply connect
the multimeter between 2 phases and arrive at the phase
resistance. Usually motors windings are delta connected. You
multimeter reading is 2/3x phase resistance.As for the rotor a
squirrel gauge motor has no rotor windings and slip ring
motors have windings connected to slip rings. In the second
case apply the same principle if you know whether the
windings are star or delta connected. For complete
determination of the equivalent equivalent circuit conduct the
no-load and blocked rotor tests.

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How to calculate the motor winding resistance ?..

Answer / gunasekaran

first we have calculate the efficiency.
then we calculate the core loss.
loss is Isqr*R
we know load current and loss then we can calculate the wdg
resistance of the motor this is app.method not correct.
for transformer also same like that.
we can get the loss and efficiency of the motor from

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How to calculate the motor winding resistance ?..

Answer / ashour ghareeb

dc motor has four wire tow for field and other for armature
SERIES-WOUND motor resistance is:
~100 &#8486;
~1 &#8486;

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How to calculate the motor winding resistance ?..

Answer / ramesh ravichandran

in case you want to calculate induction motor winding resistance..
to get accurate value of DC resistance, firstly do block rotor test so winding of the motor get heated up at rated current..
immediately remove AC supply lines and connect DC lines across any two phase and apply 50 percent of the rated current of the IM to get the accurate DC resistance

convert the DC resistance into AC resistance by a factor of 1.2..

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How to calculate the motor winding resistance ?..

Answer / muhammad kamran

although ohm-meter test is thorough enough but its not find true result 1st ohm-meter reading is
taken and then in 2nd step a low voltage ac signal is
applied (using step-down transformer)normally 6:1 of
original operating voltage both voltage and current is
taken and Z-l(total impedence is taken) as unit is
performing in ac region not dc while ohm meter is dc
test.... why use this test?
not always the clear result is given by ohm meter test. a
winding may show balance state by ohm-meter but any
irregularity can be detected by AC-impedence test to be sure

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