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Interview question

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Interview question..

Answer / ashish_88

1)---ur introduction....without ur qualification, ur experience and ur
family background

2)---why bpo's

3)---ur future plans

4)---whats so special abt u

5)---Abt delhi.Why peaple turns toward delhi.

6)---Quality of person to be fit for bpo

7)---abt ur weekend..starting and ending

8)---what kind of job are u looking for.

9)---why job change

10)---last night dream

11)---good and bad quality abt u

12)---any memorable moment of life

13)---abt school days

14)---training period are honeymoon period in bpo either in domestic or in
bpo .why

15)---ur favourite colour..why

16)---colour u hate the most...why

17)---abt national flag of india

18)---latest film u watched.whats so special abtthat movie

19)---walking in a park u met .......(any famous personality)....what next

20)---one night alone at home..... heard someone walking in the
stairs...what next

21)---feeling hungry ...alone in the home....what will u cook

22)---in jungle....u met.....(animal)...what next

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Interview question..

Answer / ashwin

please send me

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