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Telenor Interview Questions
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What are your research skills?


Why did you choose HR as your career?

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Written Test And Interview With Xansa Mar 2007

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what is the difference between financial accouning and financial management?


When the interviewer asks "being a B.Tech graduate why do you prefer BPO ?", what should b my answer


What do you mean by interview?


why u want to work in the call center

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Un-Answered Questions

Discuss about WAP architecture in detail.


witch is the best insistute in sharpoint course.what abt future of share point course.


What are the different types of thermistors used in industries? How to the operation of typical thermistor?


I got below mail stating to pay 8000 rupees to Wipro but when I went to wipro in sajapur, it was fake mail. If u receives this kind of mail, please don’t respond. Please inform to ur friends regarding this. Wipro Limited Dear candidate Your Resume has been selected by ( Wipro Limited). I have attached your Interview Process letter with this email. Kindly see the attached file. Note - you can call in official working Hours Monday to Saturday – 9 Am to 2 Pm, Company Website – Note - And more details you send a email Company Email Add – Best Of Luck For More Details Please Click Here Wipro Limited


can we do database testing in manual testing? then how we write the test case?


How to check the LM324 Ic


I am a civil Engineer consultant. On an item for example Rs.100, I am adding 4%WCT ie., Rs.4 and I am certifying the contractor bill for Rs.100.00 + Rs.4.00 = Total Rs.104.00. But my client is deducting 4% on Rs.104.00 ie., Rs. 4.16. So, finally contractor is losing Rs. 0.16 on Rs. 100 which amounts to lakhs on the project value. Can you please guide me on this? Santosh Kumar


What browsers and client software are currently in use?


What are all security levels for accessing the service contracts?


What is meant by advance ruling? What is the scheme of advance rulings?


Can you please send me the migration related issues .


what is the importance of signals and systems ?


how to map requirements& test cases in quality center ???


What are the factors influence the choice of an electrc drive?


What is the difference between on change of field and at new field events?


Telenor Interview Questions
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