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i2 Interview Questions
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what is the difference between oracle 81,91,11i

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INAUTIX PLACEMENT PAPERS -------- placement paper-1

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I2 PLACEMENT PAPERS ------ I21 placement Paper 1

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which will fire first ? Trigger or Constraint

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can we use a having cluase in groupby clause. if there are 500 records i will give rownumber<250 then how many records does it retrieve. wt is the result of nvl2(null,notnull,null) if there are four tables without using cartesian how many joins can be there. in the sql subqueries wt is the parent ans1)select 2)update,3) delete 4)2&3

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what is the difference between maintenence release and hot fix release?

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What is an encryption "key" and what is the importance of key length?


Pls help me in Auditing (SAP). I found a big amount in Exchange rate diference a/c, How I can Audit Exchange rate Difference,,, Which area I have care to find the fault?


what is meant by twilight switches 7 where its applicable ?


 How to Perform transports between Development, Quality Assurance and Production Systems.(ACCENTURE)  What is the Responsible in importing Workbench requests, Customizing requests and Roles from Integration System to Consolidation System and then to Production System. .(ACCENTURE)  How to Monitor transport logs. .(ACCENTURE)  How to Configuring and maintaining TMS. . (ACCENTURE)  How to Creat and Maintain Single, Composite and Derived Roles. .(ACCENTURE)  How to Find missing objects in Authorization. . (ACCENTURE)  How to Creat temporary roles upon user requests. . (ACCENTURE)  How to Creat users and assign the roles.  How to Reset the password upon user requests.  How to Lock and unlock the users.  How to Apply Packages and upgrad Kernel Patches.  In Client Administration how to make Local client copy, Remote copy and Client Export and Import.  How to Check all application servers  What is Work process overview  How to Background jobs overview  How to Spool logs.  How to check Performance monitoring.  How to Maintaining of activity groups, authorizations, profiles, User master records.  How to Monitoring active users.  How to Handle transports between sap systems.  How to Analyze System Errors & ABAP Dumps.  How to Setup operation modes  How to Administration of lock entries.  How to Check RFC connections  How to Apply Support Packages, Applying patches and kernel update  How to find user performance and how to find when problem occured in the user performance?  What is client logs and how to log a client?  What is system Landscape?How to use Landscape in the SAP?  What is architecture of sap?  How to configure TMS and what is transport routes?


What are the actual QA processes run in software compamy ?


when does a list get sent to the screen on the presentation layer?


 What is meant by probability density function? a) Probability distributions b) Continuous variable c) Discrete variable d) Probability distributions for Continuous variables


WORKING-STORAGE SECTION. 77 W-A PIC 9(3)V99 VALUE 23.75. 77 W-B PIC ZZ9V99 VALUE 123.45. PROCEDURE DIVISION. MOVE W-A TO W-B. DISPLAY W-B. STOP RUN. compiler : IGYGR1080-S A "VALUE" clause literal was not compatible with the data category o subject data item. The "VALUE" clause was discarded. WORKING-STORAGE SECTION. 77 W-A PIC 9(3)V99 VALUE 23.75. 77 W-B PIC ZZ9V99. PROCEDURE DIVISION. MOVE 123.45 TO W-B. MOVE W-A TO W-B. DISPLAY W-B. STOP RUN. 2375


A double circuit with dog conductor 66KV Transmission line from wind farm evacuation to feeding substation having capacity of 25MW for transmission. Can same transmission network be considered for further expansion of Power & how much in MW. If we need to expand next 10-15 MW more will there any augmentation is required in transmission network? Kindly reply asap.


What is architecture?


How to use strings with whitespaces in RewriteRule's ENV flag?


What is the difference between earthing,ground&nutral?


sir i applied for hpcl(electrical).i want to know from which subjects most of the technical que will b asked.and pattern of the written test.pls help me


How do you get here? (About Route)


Describe me accounting rules


i2 Interview Questions
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