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what is the maximum genarating in india?

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what is the maximum genarating in india?..

Answer / tameshwar singh

The maximum generating voltage level in India is 33kV (In
The maximum size of generating unit in India is 500MW(In
The maximum size of unit in India is 665MW(In NTPC Seepat
near Bilaspur is in comissioning stage)
The maximum level of trannsmission voltage HVAC is 765 kV
(In NTPC Seepat near Bilaspur/Power grid)& HVDC is 800kV
(Near Chandrapur/Power grid)

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what is the maximum genarating in india?..

Answer / viral avalani

it is around 1,25,000 MW

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what is the maximum genarating in india?..

Answer / ankit roy

Highest rating 3-Phase Generator Transformer order for Thermal Power Plant from RSEB for two nos. 315 MVA 400 KV Generator Transformers required for Suratgarh Thermal Power Station manufactured by BHEL

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what is the maximum genarating in india?..

Answer / dileep kumar verma

Maximum generating in India is 1,25,500MW.generating

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what is the maximum genarating in india?..

Answer / krishna chaitanya

in india genaralley generated 11kv after we can use for
tansmission is stepuped upto 715kv

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what is the maximum genarating in india?..

Answer / ankit roy

Mundra Thermal power Adani Kutch 4620Mw

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what is the maximum genarating in india?..

Answer / sham shinde

Total installed capacity in india is 1,01,630MW

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what is the maximum genarating in india?..

Answer / subash chandra bose.a

max.generating voltage in 11kv.

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what is the maximum genarating in india?..

Answer / rahul

Max. generator size__500MW
(upcoming 800MW units by BHEL)
Max.generting volt__33kV
(others are 6.6,11,15.7,21,27)
Max.installed capacity(as of 2009 June)__145000MW(approx)
Max. power requirement__240000MW(by 2012)
India plans to add 13000MW capacity every year.

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what is the maximum genarating in india?..

Answer / munish

Maximum generating voltage is 15.7kv in Tehri hydro
Highest capcity of commissioned m/c is 250MW in Tehri
& some other power houses and also in Jp project karsham
bangto in kinnor HP. which is in errection stage.

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