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how do microwave oven works??

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how do microwave oven works??..

Answer / newguy13

the magnatron will generate microwave length EM waves which
will be directed on to the food using reflective surfaces
and then these waves will ionize the food molecules (create
some +ve and -ve centres in the food)
then ++,-- will repel and -+ will attract so friction will
heat up the food.

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how do microwave oven works??..

Answer / raveesh83

Heart of microwave oven is magnatron which generates
frequency of appox. 2.4 GHz.

explain working of magnatron.

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how do microwave oven works??..

Answer / kamu

if v put d switch automatically it starts working
dont worry be happy

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how do microwave oven works??..

Answer / karuvesh sharma

magnatron is the main part of microwave oven. magnatron
are genreted the high frequevency wave upto 2-3 G.Hz and
all wave are focuse in the center plete of oven

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