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DMRC Interview Questions
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The black hole theory was discovered by (a) S. Chandrasekhar (b) Har Gobind Khorana (c) C.V. Raman (d) S. Ramanujan

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Rana Pratap Sagar is associated with: (a) Hydroelectricity (b) Solar energy (c) Irrigation (d) Nuclear power

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Who takes the final decision upon the disqualification of aMember of Parliament? (a) Speaker of Lok Sabha (b) Vice-President (c) President (d) Prime Minister

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Tell Me about yourself?

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can anybody provide me the HPCL apptitude papers?am having the test on march 2008 so plz


who is first muslim president of india? who is first ethinc indian women in space?

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How did you spent your last day,sunday,?

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how to check the earth resistance value& what is the minimum earth resistance for good earthing sysytem.

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want to know all about inerview of dmrc for je(mech.)


Sparking occur when a load is switched off because the circuit has high a.) Inductance b.) Capacitance c.) Resistance d.) None

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i am preparing for rrb loco pilot exam please send me previous question papers at


where half nut is use

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what is de brogle eqation

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What are the various load combination in Limit state method?

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how to wish if there will both sir and madam present? how to put acuriculam vitae when about to be confertable? tell me abut your state, city,and district? how to present our hobbies and interest? what is the anser of "you are nat selected"?

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