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What is the operating temperature range of the 74 series of ICs?

What is the operating temperature range of the 74 series of ICs?..

Answer / vidyasagar rao

IC Temperature Ranges Class
lower limit upper limit
Military -55oC(-65oF) : +125oC(+257oF)
Extended -40oC(-38oF) : +125oC(+257oF)
Industrial -40oC(-38oF) : +85oC(+183oF0
Commercial 0oC(+32oF) : +70oC(+158oF)

The 74xx digital logic families [or just 74 prefix] refer
to a commercial operating temperature range. The 54xx part
number [or just 54 prefix] refers to a military operating
temperature range. Some 74xx device families may also work
at the Industrial temperature range.

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