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what is loop?

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what is loop?..

Answer / anurag,e&a,ispat ind. ltd.

loop is that by which we feedback some output signal to
input.there are two type of loops.
1.closed loop loop

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what is loop?..

Answer / ulaganathan

a loop may be defined as connection of elements
to the circuit making use of feedback.
It may be of open or closed type

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what is loop?..

Answer / ramanathan

A loop is which has a feed back of output&where the error
deduction has been in a closed loop there will be
sensing of value & controller will do the job.

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what is loop?..

Answer / eid elatawy

Loop can be process loop or instrument loop
for instrument loop is the signal from/to Controller(DCS or PLC or....etc) and this signal started from the instrument(valve or transmitter or...)to junction box to DCS through multi core cable.

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