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how to introduce myself as a fresher in HR...

Answer / prashant

Hello sir/mam
my name is abc and i was born and brought up in abc place and did my schooling from abc place securing xx marks in class 10th from zz school xx marks in securing zz in class 12th from
zz school.
Since i was very interested in computers so i joined xy college under xyz university securing zz marks
My family apart from me consists of my parents and my younger brother/sister who is class in \\
My hobbies include listening to music watching cricket etc,etc
i am a member of xyz organization which works in a particular field etc
my strength lies in my abilty to work in a team and listen to others for any particular issue
my weakness is i fear of height

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how to introduce myself as a fresher in HR...

Answer / abhishek kumar de

good morning sir/madam.
myself abhishek and i have just complete my hardware and
networking engineer course from jetking. before this i
completed a bachelor degree in commerce stream.
coming to my family background, i was born and brought up in
kharagpur. which is situated in paschim midnapur district.
my father is a govt. employee, mother is home maker. i have
a brother.
coming to my hobbies, i love to listen musics, watch
Hollywood movies, read books or magazines and also traveling
and specially surf internet.
sir, i want to become a good network administrator. so if
you will give me this opportunity, then i can use my talent
in the favor of our organization.

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how to introduce myself as a fresher in HR...

Answer / jagadheeswar

hi. i am "your name". as the academic details already
mentioned in the resume. dont concentrate on those details.
if you worked out with your project in any good company.
then stress on your attitude and your responsibilities in
that company. and coming to others. keep concentrate on
your technical abilities, skills and give some important to
your strengths which relates to the company which you are
going to an interview. stress on your certifications.
These are only guide lines. style and perspective may
change from person to person. so follow these guide lines
but not keep concentrating on others view and buttifying
what they are saying. all the best

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how to introduce myself as a fresher in HR...

Answer / srini

good srinivasan from xyz which is a developing
towm in abc district. i did my engineering in
computerscience specialization in xyz college afficiliated
anna univ with an aggregate of 70% and i did my schooling
in xyz in same towm. i hope i have the ability to cope with
my fialiure and try to learn something from it. im very
deligent n wanna to achieve everything sky is my
weakness short temper...

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how to introduce myself as a fresher in HR...

Answer / geetha

hello sir/madam,
this is geetha.i am a BE graduate.and i did my college in
ocet.i did my school in last sem i got 79
percentage.the over all per is 74 in the academic year of
2011.and my dad is a mom is home maker.i have
two strength is i can easily mingle with each my free time,i spend with my family.and my hobbies
are listening music & chating with my sisters.

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how to introduce myself as a fresher in HR...

Answer / suganya

hi sir/madam good morning , i'am xxx. well i was born in a
small village gingee near thiruvanamalai . i was brought up
and career every thing started in chennai. i completed my
under graduation in the institution of sdnb vishnav
college, with full support of parents. i like to start my
career in bpo sectors. my hobbies are listening to the
music. i used read differnt types of stories when i have a
lesiure time. i,am person like more confident in any of the
work i choose, iam good team bulider too.

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how to introduce myself as a fresher in HR...

Answer / gaurav bhatia

Good Morning sir, My name is Gaurav Bhatia. I have completed my schooling from NIOS. Preasently i am doing B.Sc (IT) FROM Kuvempu University besides i have done 2year software eng diploma from NIIT. MY hobbies are watching tv, playing game on pc. there are three members in my family. my mother, my elder brother and i. my mother is a teacher and my brother working at vantilayer company as a designer. my strengths is that i am hardworker and sincere.

Thats all about me

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how to introduce myself as a fresher in HR...

Answer / saiprithi

Myself Saiprithi,I did my BE(EEE)in Sai Ram University.Then,i did my schooling in native itself.Its a village located in Thanjore.I am from a Family of 5.My father is a Farmer & Mother is a Homemaker.My sister is elder one,she got married and settled.My brother studying Diplomo Leather tech here in chennai.In my college life i enjoyed alot with my friends. Interested over by Subject is Power System operation.I did my academic project with Positive output Superlift luo converter.My project description is a Luo converter is a improved version of DC-Dc converter which is invented by Luo.Here we give the positive supply voltage and the output is also in positive load voltage.My strength is good learner & observer,making healthy relationship with the group.I'm not interested to share my weakness to anyone though its seems weakness thats my strength.

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how to introduce myself as a fresher in HR...

Answer / lidiya

Good Morning Sir am jeeva ,am doing my bsc final yr..nw i
lik to tell some views about myself
wen i was did my schooling i participated in sports and i
won a prizes & certificate..and also i have done my office
automation with "O" grade level.. then my competence is to
present a powerpoint presentation prospective
to seekin a job in IT field or in SOFTWARE
institution...and my hobbies are listening music , playing
guitar..........thank you fr this opportunity to tel my
views...hopin the best outcome from you.....

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how to introduce myself as a fresher in HR...

Answer / rakesh

Hai i am rakesh bagade.bassically from niphad dist nashik
i have done my graduation in commerce in kgdm college at
niphad.My father name is motilal bagade and he is
bussinesman and my mother name is sulochana bagade she is
home maker.

I have one brother he is doing twelth standard. and also
sister she is doing last year of B A

My habbies like travelling, watching cricket & listening

My strengths I believe my strongest trait is my attention
to detail. This trait has helped me tremendously in this
field of work."
My weakness "I feel my English ability is my weakest trait.
I know this is only a temporary problem. I'm definitely
studying hard to communicate more effectively."
My objective "I’m a hard worker and I like to take on a
variety of challenges. I like pets, and in my spare time, I
like to relax and read the newspaper.

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