Security Interview Questions
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 Why would you want to use SSH from a Windows pc?

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What’s the difference between Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption?

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What is SSL and why is it not enough when it comes to encryption?

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 How would you find out what a POST code means?

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 What is the difference between a Black Hat and a White Hat?

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You need to reset a password-protected BIOS configuration. What do you do?

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What is XSS?

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How would you login to Active Directory from a Linux or Mac box?


 What are salted hashes?

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What do you think of social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn?

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What are the three ways to authenticate a person?

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How would you judge if a remote server is running IIS or Apache?

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What is data protection in transit vs data protection at rest?

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 You see a user logging in as root to perform basic functions. Is this a problem?

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How do you protect your home Wireless Access Point?

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How do I access the password file under unix?


what is the role in sap security?


What are some irc channels of interest to hackers?


What is nis/yp?


What is a black box?


 What is Exfiltration?


How do I break out of a restricted shell?


What software do hackers use?


How do I gain root from a suid script or program?


A phonetic password generator picks two segments randomly for each six-letter password. The form of each segment is CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant), where V= < a, e, i, o, u > and C = (V.) ̅ What is the total password population? What is the probability of an adversary guessing a password correctly?


What is a trojan/worm/virus?


What are the 3 types of hackers?


I’m the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. I make more in an afternoon than you make in a year. I don’t care about this stupid security stuff, it just costs time and money and slows everything down. Why should I care about this junk?


what is the use of scul transaction in sap security in ecc server?


What is a ringback number?