Servers Interview Questions
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what is webserver? why it is used ?


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Is VT100 Server will support TCP/IP protocol?


Can we install Oracle database in VT100 Server?


Is GUI supports in VT100 Server?


If my server is Sun Solaris can i use like VT100 Server?


I am configuring APACHE Server on SOLARIS-10. I am having some problem while configuring the httpd.conf. Can any one help me to find out the root directory of APACHE server. How can I publish my website through it?


I've updated my apache web server from version 2.0.55 to 2.2.0, now all my pages are blank, any thoughts? thanks in advance


This is very strange. I am running apache 2.2 (compiled with gcc and all default params) on AIX - 64 bit kernel. I edit the httpd.conf file to listen on two different ports -- Listen 8000 Listen 8001 The server will not start no errors or anything it just accepts the command but nothing starts. I can comment out on of the entires and everything starts up just fine minus the commented out port. Listen 8000 #Listen 8001 So, my problem is that I cannot get apache to listen on two ports, any ideas? Has someone else seen this before? Thanks,

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I use IIS 6 and Apache 2.0.52 and I want to need connector IIS with tomcat. My tomcat using 8080 IIS using 80 my Apache application name is workspace and how can I use http://myserverip/workspace ? with isapi or anaother connector Best regards.



What is an off-board server?

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What is a virtual private network?

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What are the differences between Standard, Enterprise and Web Editions of Windows Server 2003?

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What's the difference between Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions and Windows Server 2003 for 64-bit Itanium-based Systems?



Are there any differences between 32-bit, x64, and 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2003?


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What is Microsoft Software Assurance?


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tell me something about aix? what is unix and Aix? tell me the difference? what is special in AIX while compare to other servers? why you have chosen AIx?


i am currently working in mainframes in cobol(old version without OOPS concepts. I wish to be more specialised in specific product or language or tool in mainframes, so willing to take up training and learn one.what is the most widely asked tool or specific package in mainframes that has a great demand in market as of now?


When you create a database how is it stored?


Does the AOL proxy server support HTTP 1.1?


HI Everyone, I have a question....... In solaris the Root File system is full And the var also under the root only, At that time I opened /etc/system file by using Vi editor and finally i quiet from the file..... 1. Is the /etc/ystem file is corrept? 2. Is the anything interrlink B/W rot Filesystem and /etc/system file?


How to correct the MTS error that occurs after installing PWS4?


How does Apache compared to other servers?


Is GUI supports in VT100 Server?


1. The client of this project is uncertain what type of web hosting, should be used, but insists on using an Access database of all of the products they wish to offer online. Provide a brief explanation of what type ob web hosting account is needed, which server best supports the needs of the project, and what programming language will be used to work with the Access database.


How to set up a permission for 3 tier application?


suppose 10 request is sent to servelt how many time init() and destory method is called


What UNIX command do you use to connect to UNIX server?


Let's assume you have data that resides on SQL Server 6.5. You have to move it SQL Server 7.0. How are you going to do it?


What is a traditional Network Library for SQL Servers?


describ three types of application servers