EAI Interview Questions
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Can you spell "Webmethods" properly in the language of your choice?

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Do you buy stocks or bonds from a Broker?

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Can you spell SAP, ERP, CRM, XML and EDI properly?

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In what folder is the webMethods documentation for Broker located?

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n what folder is the webMethods documentation for the Broker Admin package located?

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How many minutes have you spent in your lifetime reading documentation or actually (gasp) working with any webMethods product on a real project?


What Are Event Handlers?

Tecnics Integration Technologies,

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What Happens When an Event Occurs?

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What Is a Regular Expression?


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How webMethods Developer Supports Tables?

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What Is a Third-Party Source Control Application?

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Is Source Control the Same as Locking?

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How Java Services Are Organized on the webmethods Server?

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What Happens When a Breakpoint is Encountered?

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What Is Data Validation?


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Un-Answered Questions { EAI }

what is the purpose of the dervied role?


where is the document stored when u recieve from the client


What is WP18 Milestone?


explain the difference between the coaches and coach views.?


If there are Senders who are sending messages on a queue. And these messages are not yet received by the consumers. They are still lying in the server. But before the consumers could receive the message the server went down. Since they are persistent messages, they are saved. But when secondary comes up how will the secondary server will get the message because it’s a different machine. How will it get the messages which are with the Primary server?


Whether it is poosible to give 2 different inputs for a service in jcaps


What are the advantages of eai?


What are the possible error output's of read file activity?


Can any one help me with Appian Interview Questions?


how do you analyze the time elapsed between the activities in process?


What is cmap and oTD. What is the use of OTD?


Where does the tibco admin maintains the version history of the application? Please tell us the path?


If you have installed a particular version of tibco software e.g. Tibco bw x.y.z, what are x, y and z number stands for?


What is the difference between JCAPS and ICAN?


What are the tibco bw activities that can participate in transactions?