EAI Interview Questions
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Can you spell "Webmethods" properly in the language of your choice?

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Do you buy stocks or bonds from a Broker?

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Can you spell SAP, ERP, CRM, XML and EDI properly?

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In what folder is the webMethods documentation for Broker located?

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n what folder is the webMethods documentation for the Broker Admin package located?

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How many minutes have you spent in your lifetime reading documentation or actually (gasp) working with any webMethods product on a real project?


What Are Event Handlers?

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What Happens When an Event Occurs?

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What Is a Regular Expression?


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How webMethods Developer Supports Tables?

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What Is a Third-Party Source Control Application?

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Is Source Control the Same as Locking?

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How Java Services Are Organized on the webmethods Server?

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What Happens When a Breakpoint is Encountered?

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What Is Data Validation?


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Un-Answered Questions { EAI }

What is cmap and oTD. What is the use of OTD?


what is the purpose of the dervied role?


what are the dis advantages of pub sub model


What is WP10 Arbitrary Cycles?


What are the benefits of pub sub model?


where is the document stored when u recieve from the client


Hi, i am electronics and communication engineer and don't have any strong programming background. i only know basics of c and C++. Will doing training in TIBCO/Webmethods (4-5 weeks)help me to get an entry level job in any of the field. As i mentioned i don't have strong programming knowledge is any of them is a good career choice for me. if yes which one and can anyone help me to tell from where to start. if not is there any option to get into IT sector except QA.


What are Workflow standards?


What is WP18 Milestone?


What is WP19 Cancel Activity & WP20 Cancel Case?


What is the differnce between loop and repeat


What is sub collaboration?


What is Petri nets?


can anyone explain in brief about TN Consloe and Webmethods...? As well as All flow steps in webmethods: Branch Repeat Loop Sequence (explain also Try -Catch block for error Handling)


how to configure sap adapter6.1