Telecom Interview Questions
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What is Bluetooth Technology?

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What is protocol testing. whether u have used any tool in telecom testing.

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What is VoIP?

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How does VoIP work?

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What equipment is needed for VoIP?

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What are the advantages to VoIP?


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Find what the following terms stand for ITU, UMTS, PCS, GSM, ISDN, PSTN, TDMA, FDMA, CDMA, AMPS, CDPD, GPRS, EDGE in GSM, WAP, ISM band

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What is the layered architecture of the Internet? In a wireless network, describe how each layer would be different from a wired network?

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1)what is cdma technology? 2)how can cdma work? 3)history of cdma?

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What are the other wireless technologies?

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How does the traceroute work?

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what is the difference between tcp and udp?

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Which method is primarily used for Voice transfer?


What are the different types of routing possible at layer 3?

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Is it possible to connect multiple Bluetooth hubs?


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how does a Metro Hub works ?


How to Set a defaultrouter?


What is the different between CDU C and CDU A ?


What is ifconfig?


I am BE telecommunication fresher.I would like to know what kind of jobs are available for this branch also the list of companies.


which the best institute in india to get trained on telecom protocol testing? am a e.c.e fresher


What is firmware? Why may I want to change it?


Hi Iam doing a Manualtesting job in small company and my educational background is MCA i want to learn TELECOM PROTOCOL TESTING " please give any suggestion how is my carrier in IT filed and job opportunity am i eligible for Protocol testing ?


What action is taken when the processor under execution is interrupted by a non-maskable interrupt?


What is traceroute?


What is Ad-hoc mode?


what is Modular hardware?


What is ICMP, ARP, Multicast, Broadcast?


Can any one please let me know good Telecom Protocol Development training institute in NCR.


What is ESSID?