Software Development Life Cycle Interview Questions
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what are the most frequent requirement tracking and management tools available



In new product development what is the source for requirements



how many check points required to freeze the requirements ? what and why ???


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what are the atrifacts required to manage the requirement

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what are the review standards to accept the requirement specification


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who are the stake holders in gathering requirement of a new product



who are the stake holders in accepting the requirement for that project



how to manage the requirement if it is included after Requirement specifications phase



what are the basic check points before completing the specific requirement for implementation



in SW development who will be the owner of the perticular requirement and what is his responsibilities



how to track the requirements if all ready it is available for that product



what are the major differences in requirement when compared among SW project requirement and Product requirement

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which part of the SDLC includes Risk analysis

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what are the parameters to be considered for evaluating Risk analysis



how to weightage the risk analysis, what are the tools to evaluate !!



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how to debug the errors generated from integration


disk swapping is a feature used in


I am looking for interview question / technical questions for veritas netbackup.


Is it normal in your company, that you do not pay penalty, if that is agreed in contract?


"The procedure of hiring fresher’s in CEI is as follows. They follow a four level procedure for selecting any fresher to be part of our highly skilled technical team. These include: 1. Written Test 2. Technical Interview 1 – Conducted by CEI Developers 3. Technical Interview 2 – Conducted by CEI Project Managers 4. HR Discussion The written test is divided into 3 sections as mentioned below: 1. Logical: Critical Reasoning and Analytical Reasoning – 30 Questions 2. Quantitative Aptitude – 25 Questions 3. Technical Questions – 25 Questions Logical: These questions primarily test the analytical and critical thinking skills of the applicants. It tests the most integral skills of the applicant, the logical consistency in thought, understanding and processing data and making valid conclusions from them, and out of the box thinking. The best part about logical reasoning is that it does not require any learning or prior knowledge. Example: • If the positions of the first ten letters and the last ten letters in the English alphabet are interchanged such as that the first and the seventeenth the second and the eighteenth letters are interchanged and this continues till the tenth letter is interchanged with the twenty-sixth letter, which letter will be the fifth to the right of the twelfth letter from the right after this rearrangement? • There is a 3 digit number. The sum of the digits is 17, and two of the digits are the same. The unique digit subtracted from one of the other digits equals a positive even number. What is the digit that is different from the other two digits? Quantitative aptitude Section consists of questions related to Simplifications, Data Sufficiency, and from the topics of Arithmetic. For e.g.; Fraction, Profit and Loss, Combinations and Permutations, Percentage problems, Ratio, Probability, Allegations and Mixtures, Time and distance, Time and work, Measurements, etc. Example: • A sales person by mistake multiplied a number and got the answer as 3, instead of dividing the number by 3. What is the answer he should have actually got? • A traveler walks a certain distance. Had he gone half a kilometer an hour faster, he would have walked in 4/5 of the time, and had he gone half a kilometer an hour slower, he would have walked 2 ½ hours longer. What is the distance? • Two taps A and B fill a tank in 12 and 20 hours respectively and a third tap C empties it in 15 hrs. In how many hours will the tank be filled if the taps A and B are opened simultaneously and C is opened after two hours.? Technical Section consists of sections related to basics concepts of programming languages, and some basic entry level programming are given to assess the applicant’s ability to solve the program. Example: • An alternate to using interrupts for I/O devices is • The main advantage of using indexes is • PRODUCT Product ID Product Description Manufacturer ID MANUFACTURER Manufacturer ID Manufacturer Name Referring to the above table, what type of relationship exists between the Product table and the Manufacturer table?  Once a candidate clears the written test they will be considered for the second round."


Explain your daily task as a Manager?


in automatic payment program if we want to pay for 9 transactions out of 20 then what we have to do plz tell me


Can anyone send me e commerce website test cases please its urgent


what is INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT and how it is related to database,mainframes,java, overall how can u explain what it is and how much it is useful for fresher in the company bec iam selected for IM training?(basically iam java trained candidate)


what are the basic rules have to be followed for successful resource planning


what are the tools required for sw integration


what are the parameters / dependencies to be considering while planning


what are the most frequent requirement tracking and management tools available


What is Agile Methodology


When conducting a business process reengineering study, what should you look for when trying to identify business processes to change? Why?