Data Warehouse Interview Questions
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can BO generate reports with out CUBICAL data to repository?

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what is main functional differences between BO and COGNOs?


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hi Here ive question on Reportnet when we save a report in reportstudio with what ext it save


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SAS System ?

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sas macros


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how to test reports in businessobjects?


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What is source qualifier?

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Difference between DSS & OLTP?


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Explain grouped cross tab?


Hierarchy of DWH?

Accenture, iFlex, IBM, EDS, TCS,

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How many repositories can we create in Informatica?


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What is surrogate key?


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What is difference between Mapplet and reusable transformation?


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What is aggregate awareness?

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Explain reference cursor?


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2. What functional area you worked on.


--------------Explain Table of contents?


What are different deliverables according to phases?


what is dynamic insert?


What are the steps involved in the migration from older version to newer version of Informatica Server?


what is diff b/t sorter t/r and agg have the option sorter property...


Hi, i want to do certification in datawarehouse?? which certification is best in current trend?? pls mention the cost also if u can....


Hi friends please reply what will be the answer to following question in crystal report 1)Difference between the CR8.5 & CR10.5(withing VS2008) in terms of features. 2)Is Hierarchy of grouping features in either CR8.5 or CR10.5. what are its limitation i.e maximum no's can be created. 3)Scenario - If I have a string semicolon separated(1000 in nos) then how to pass it into Record Selection formula or parameter. 4)Scenario - If user want to do dynamic grouping at runtime that to while designing report only 1 group was created and as per user at runtime based on user selection different fields are used to create group. How is it possible. (Is it possible through formula?) 5)what is cascade or dynamic prompting.whether this is a feature of CR8.5 or CR10.5. 6)what to answer for question "How would you start crystal report development" 7)How "set location" is useful & how to implement it. 8)Scenario - At design time report was developed using MS SQL as datasource but at client side they are using Oracle which is having same table name and structure will the report work? If yes what changes are required to do so. 9)when does "Table Not Found" error is generated.


hi, this is harish. i had finsihed cognos course recently.can some one help in the area of project explination, interview questions,real time scenarious....this is my maild id


draw informatica architecture 8.6 ?


Sequence generator, when you move from develoment to production how will you reset


how to implement scd2 in datastage 7.5 with lookup stage


Hi friends, I am trying to create OLAP connection in IDT. I am getting error "error code:405 METHOD NOT ALLOWED" I am using "http:/olap/msmdpump.dll" I am using ms sql server 2012 -- cube


Can I create a master report in webi having 15 dimensions and 150 kpi's with 100GB of data and store it in cache ,So that I can use Cache for building new reports with less dimensions and Kpi's without hitting database againg just using cache??Please suggest...


Give e an example of..