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what is your weakness?icic

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what is your weakness?icic..

Answer / naveen

Dear Sir,
Even though i don't have any special weakness but sometime
people say ,I create too much pressure to achieve the desired
goal. But I am very bubbly in nature so people love it.
Thank you

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what is your weakness?icic..

Answer / sahar samy

you must answer this question. no one has no weekness point
in his personality, so the interviewer want to know how can
you judge yourself, so you can say:

My friends used to say that I am....... very analytical
person , hyperactive.....

and if the interviewer ask you how a positive thing like
hyperactive can be a weekness point you can begin
disscussing how everything positive can turn nigative if we
don't put it under control and nigative can turn positive
if we decide changing it and put it under contorl.

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what is your weakness?icic..

Answer / kunal

I am a perfectionist and many a times i take so many assignments together and if i find myself doing injustice to any of them, i get bothered a lot. Being a perfectionist, if things are not done as per my expectations, i get stressed.

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what is your weakness?icic..

Answer / jolene

Well, i believe that everyone has a weakness, as nobody is
perfect,and so my weakness is that I always want to get
involved in everything thaat is going oon around me, and
therefore I m told that some things can be odne without
your involvement!

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what is your weakness?icic..

Answer / deepak

i will not get stisfied till my assigned work is
completed ...

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what is your weakness?icic..

Answer / joyce agyepong

impatience is my weakness hence it affords me to get things
done on time

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what is your weakness?icic..

Answer / pardhu

my handwriting

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what is your weakness?icic..

Answer / smruti

I love junk food.Cant wait taking when I found them.So some times Fall in stomach ache.

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what is your weakness?icic..

Answer / miinakshirajput

i think am oversmart and very knowlelgable as compare to my

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what is your weakness?icic..

Answer / pranav.s.bhatt

i have no weakness becauase i have ability to change my
weakness to powerness when i come to know about it so it is
no more weakness.

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