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  • FMCG interview questions (34)

FMCG Interview Questions
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What do you see as the key skills in closing?

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About the current employer ?

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tell me about the difference between marketing and sales

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how to sell the product into new customer

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If Selected, What will be your first Task as a Marketing Executive?

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what is the difference between credit and debit note?

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How to Calculate the ESI,PF?it is basic Salary or Gross Salary?

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what is the biggest achievement in your last? job as i worked as a marketing executive in icici for personal loans

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What is ROI?

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What is primary & 2ndory sales ?

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what you have learn from your MBA?

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what you have learn from your project report?

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which suggetions you have give to your company? this question regarding to project report.

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If the product has fail can you sell that to customer?

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what exatly leadership means?what r the qualities required for it?

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what do u mean by arrear basic or arrear hra?


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