Cognos Interview Questions
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hi Here ive question on Reportnet when we save a report in reportstudio with what ext it save


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what is Associated grouping? and how it works in cognos impromptu?


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what is exact catalog size?


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what is the security module used in cognos?

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How to configure the Cognos configurations to work in the Windows 2000 Server machine?

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What are the steps involved in migrating CRN enviroment to Cognos 8?

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what is cube size?


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Is it possible to apply access manager user rights in impromptu?

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What are the differences between Cognos 8 and Cognos 7.x version?

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How to perform single signon in Cognos by using URL?

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How many number of cubes can we create on a single model? How can we navigate between those cubes?

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How to pass multiple values from picklist prompt to sub report filter?

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What is the difference between macros and prompt?


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What is the difference between drill down and drill through?

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what is loop in frameworkmanager ?


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Write types of folders present in cognos?


Tell me about Dnamic and Static Dashboards?


Explain the difference between powerplay transformer and power play reports?


What is the use of powerhouse?


What is the deployment requirements used in cognos?


How to generate the Catalog in Cognos? Basically all post describing generating the Catalog from cognos impromptu . Is there any way to generate the Catalog using Cognos Administration or Framework Manager?


what is hints in cognos and where we use it.


in single column there is india and malaysia and uk canada and dubai,saudi.ok i need using valuable prompt i select asian country will be display india malaysia and i will select eurobe country only display uk canada.pls tell me any how do set this concept using valuable prompt


Explain the characteristics of cognos?


What are the roles defined by cognos platform?


1. We have been asked to add summary information to sales reprasentatives performance report. The report needs to be grouped by country and city to compare performance between areas Also we need to include revenue totals for each city and each country.


What are the different uses of a repository manager?


------------ Diff b/w MemberCaption and MemberDescription?


What are initial page components of Cognos connection?


1. Explain your project.