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hi Here ive question on Reportnet when we save a report in reportstudio with what ext it save


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what is Associated grouping? and how it works in cognos impromptu?

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what is exact catalog size?

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what is the security module used in cognos?


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How to configure the Cognos configurations to work in the Windows 2000 Server machine?


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What are the steps involved in migrating CRN enviroment to Cognos 8?

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what is cube size?

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Is it possible to apply access manager user rights in impromptu?

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What are the differences between Cognos 8 and Cognos 7.x version?

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How to perform single signon in Cognos by using URL?

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How many number of cubes can we create on a single model? How can we navigate between those cubes?

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How to pass multiple values from picklist prompt to sub report filter?


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What is the difference between macros and prompt?

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What is the difference between drill down and drill through?

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what is loop in frameworkmanager ?


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1. We have been asked to add summary information to sales reprasentatives performance report. The report needs to be grouped by country and city to compare performance between areas Also we need to include revenue totals for each city and each country.


my report ended at the half of the last page but i don't want that matter in the last page I would like to adjust the matter in the previous page .how can i do this?


Hi All, Is there any way to check whether a value is selected in a Multi-select tree prompt? I have a tree prompt and want to get to know whetehr which values user has selected,i want to so that values on the top of the report. I Have used that paramDisplayValue('paramername'),But it will display only last selected value. For Example i have tree prompt with one level Region- >country->states If user select region Asia it will dislay the all the Countries in that region and then if user select India it will display the states related to india only Suppose Hierachy look like this: Asia->India->Andhra Pradesh. I want to show this hierachy on the top of the report How it is possible? Can you please help me?


in single column there is india and malaysia and uk canada and dubai,saudi.ok i need using valuable prompt i select asian country will be display india malaysia and i will select eurobe country only display uk canada.pls tell me any how do set this concept using valuable prompt


It is possible to test 2 query subjects at a time in CRN1.1 & C8 FWM?


what is requery in cognos?


How do we convert from Numeric to be Words?


7. What is performance tuning?


I have 7500 rows. I need all rows in single reports. Which type of prompt we have used retrieving all rows and show in a report? We have dynamical queries q1, q2, q3, q4, q5. If customer selects the particular, query that only show in execution report. In case it may more then one, how do you execute the particular query item in report page? What are the difference bt OLDP and OLAP?


what is a prompt value in report studio and variables ?


What is the difference between Open Connection command ang Open Session Command?


After applying date prompt and when we run the report we fet from date and todate when we enter todate


how to explain tne project at the time of interview? where to start and how to end? plz explain in detail thax in advance


how u will determine the performence tune will occur either in report or system


can anybody explain me about sales project in cognos..wt is the requirement,how u get the requirement..explain me any one based on ur experience as a report much time u will take to complete one project,single person in a team have to do how many a real time how much time will take to complete reports single report.. (simple and complex report)and in real time ur project contains how many fact tables and dimension many query subjects and query items..wt functional area u worked on.. hope u vl respond as soon as possible mail- id is