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hi Here ive question on Reportnet when we save a report in reportstudio with what ext it save


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what is Associated grouping? and how it works in cognos impromptu?

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what is exact catalog size?

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what is the security module used in cognos?


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How to configure the Cognos configurations to work in the Windows 2000 Server machine?


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What are the steps involved in migrating CRN enviroment to Cognos 8?

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what is cube size?

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Is it possible to apply access manager user rights in impromptu?

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What are the differences between Cognos 8 and Cognos 7.x version?

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How to perform single signon in Cognos by using URL?

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How many number of cubes can we create on a single model? How can we navigate between those cubes?

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How to pass multiple values from picklist prompt to sub report filter?


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What is the difference between macros and prompt?

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What is the difference between drill down and drill through?

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what is loop in frameworkmanager ?


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-----------With out using DrillThrough how to do Reports?


is there any difference between operational database and data base?if yes what r they?


I have two queries in first query i have to show all values,in second query i have to show 3 values and want to hide 3 values what prompt ur going to use, why that prompt


what is the use of backward drilling in cognos 8?is it possible?whats the uws of it?


Tell me about Dnamic and Static Dashboards?


What is the difference between set functions and filter function in dimensional data?


2. We have asked to create a repots showing sales by region in order to determine which regions are generating the most revenue and highest sales volume. The report needs to include the revenue and quantitiy sold of each subcategory with in category.


what do u mean by bridge group? where we r using this one?


4. How many dimensions did you use in your reports?


hi frnds any body have cognos projects plz send me two(or)three projects to my mail adress


what is the procedure for scheduling conditional rendering?


How can reports be bursted based on two groups? I want to schedule to burst a report based on product line and years and I need the burst report for every product line and every year. How can this be done? Please help..


1. We have been asked to add summary information to sales reprasentatives performance report. The report needs to be grouped by country and city to compare performance between areas Also we need to include revenue totals for each city and each country.


Hi, I'm planning to write COG-132 exam so looking out for dumps. If anybody is having then please e-mail me at your help would be appreciated. -Regards Afrin


New coloums are added in database, then how you know in report level