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what is lookup ?

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what is the architecture of any Data warehousing project?


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what is the flow?

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How to load time dimension?


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In update strategy target table or flat file which gives more performance ? why?

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How do you create single lookup transformation using multiple tables?


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Why touse stored procedure in ETL Application?

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How to improve the performance of Aggregate transformation?


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What is critical mapping?

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How to call stored Procedure from Workflow monitor in Informatica 7.1 version?


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How to view and Generate Metadata Reports?

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what is difference between COM & DCOM?


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what is the gap analysis?

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How to recover sessions in concurrent batches?

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what are the different types of transformation available in informatica and what are the mostly used ?


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I have worked on Informatica 7.1.1. I want to know the answer for the below question. Target is not created initially.Then how to take the DDL script from the source and run the Mapping by creating the Target dynamically?Is it possible by SQL Transformation?


my source is junk data how will u remove that junk data by using unix please any one replay me


why we are using level option in normalizer transformation


Dimension Object created in Oracle can be imported in Designer Cubes contain measures


The question was on time stamp. what is the difference between HH and HH24 when to use when.


Can any one give me a real time example for FACT TABLE & DIMENSIONAL TABLE?


Some flat files are there, out of these having some duplicate. How do you eliminate duplicate files while loading into targets?


in aggregator transformation we want to get middle record how to implement, source containg empno,name sal,deptno,address


What is the difference between SOURCE and TARGET BASED COMMITS? What are the deliverables?in your project?


write sql query vertical to horiozontal following table id name 1 100 2 dinesh 3 india 1 101 2 suresh 3 india 1 103 2 prakesh 3 usa i want output like id name country 100 dinesh india 101 suresh india 103 prakesh usa


Whats there in global repository


Workflow is long running due to long running sql query so when we refer the query plan it tells the issue is due to partition of the db table. How to handle this?


how we can load rejected record's at run time?(not through bad files)


Design time, run time. If you don't create parameter what will happen


How to display session logs based upon particular dates. If I want to display session logs for 1 week from a particular date how can I do it without using unix. ?