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Informatica Interview Questions
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what is lookup ?

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what is the architecture of any Data warehousing project?


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what is the flow?

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How to load time dimension?


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In update strategy target table or flat file which gives more performance ? why?

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How do you create single lookup transformation using multiple tables?


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Why touse stored procedure in ETL Application?

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How to improve the performance of Aggregate transformation?


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What is critical mapping?

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How to call stored Procedure from Workflow monitor in Informatica 7.1 version?


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How to view and Generate Metadata Reports?

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what is difference between COM & DCOM?


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what is the gap analysis?

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How to recover sessions in concurrent batches?

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what are the different types of transformation available in informatica and what are the mostly used ?


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how lookup transformation is made active in new versions... When to use connected and when to use unconnected lookup and why? which is good for session performance. How to make lookup persistent and how to remove stale data from that lookup. how commit works - when we stop or abort data. Explain in both cases. What is factless fact table and have you ever used it in real time scenarios.


How can we use batches?


What are the popular informatica products?


generate date / time dimension in informatica


What are different types of transformations available in informatica?


What does refresh system mean, and what are its distinctive choice?


How can a transformation be made reusable?


what is granularity,what type of granularity we will take in fact tables either lowlevel or highlevel,if two tables having same granularity that is posiable or not


Under what condition selecting sorted input in aggregator may fail the session?


How can informatica be used for an organization?


what is mean by complex business rule ?


What are the types of presistent cache in look up tr.


Explain in detail scd type 2 through mapping.


How can we remove the duplicates from flat file source?


CANNOT USE PARAMETER FILE! Hi all, I am trying to use parameter file for my workflow. This could help me to filter records where CITY = 'Portland' Following is what I have done: **in Designer - create new parameter : $$PARA_FIL, Parameter, String, IsExprVar=TRUE, Initial value = [empty] - Source Qualifier/ Properties/Source Filter: CUSTOMERS.CITY='$$PARA_FIL' **Create Parameter file: C:\Informatica\PowerCenter8.6.0 \server\infa_shared\BWParam\DynamicParamTest.txt $$PARA_FIL='Portland' **Configure workflow to use the parameter file: Edit Workflow/Properties/Parameter Filename: C:\Informatica\PowerCenter8.6.0 \server\infa_shared\BWParam\DynamicParamTest.txt I also configured directory of parameter file for session task. However, I just got this in the session log: [SQ_CUSTOMERS] SQL Query [SELECT CUSTOMERS.CUSTOMER_ID FROM CUSTOMERS WHERE CUSTOMERS.CITY='$$PARA_FIL'] No record has been loaded to target. It seems that the parameter file has not been read. I cannot understand the reason why. Could any of you kindly suggest me anything? Thanks