OBIEE Interview Questions
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Define repository in terms of OBIEE?

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What is the end to end life cycle of OBIEE?

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If you have 3 facts and 4 dimension and you need to join would you recommend joining fact with fact? If no than what is the option? Why you won’t join fact to fact?

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What is connection pool and how many connection pools did you have in your last project?

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What is the purpose of Alias Tables?

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How do you define the relationship between facts and dimensions in BMM layer?

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Did you create any new logical column in BMM layer, how?

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Can you use physical join in BMM layer?

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Can you use outer join in BMM layer?

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What is level based metrics?

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What is logging level? Where can you set logging levels?

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What are different types of variables? 

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What is Authentication? How many types of authentication do we have in OBIEE?

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What is object level security?

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What is data level security?

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What is time series wizard? When and how do you use it?