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OBIEE Interview Questions
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Define repository in terms of OBIEE?

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What is the end to end life cycle of OBIEE?

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If you have 3 facts and 4 dimension and you need to join would you recommend joining fact with fact? If no than what is the option? Why you won’t join fact to fact?

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What is connection pool and how many connection pools did you have in your last project?

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What is the purpose of Alias Tables?

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How do you define the relationship between facts and dimensions in BMM layer?

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Did you create any new logical column in BMM layer, how?

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Can you use physical join in BMM layer?

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Can you use outer join in BMM layer?

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What is level based metrics?

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What is logging level? Where can you set logging levels?

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What are different types of variables? 

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What is Authentication? How many types of authentication do we have in OBIEE?

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What is object level security?

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What is data level security?

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Un-Answered Questions { OBIEE }

How will you port changes for dashboards,reports,rpd from development to production?


How will you do sort in reports in obiee.


How to startup obiee in linux?


How will effect the changes for a report , if for certain users only the column heading in the report should be changed?


What is write-back in obiee ?


What is a bridge table ?


How will you enable or disable caching in the system level and table level?


Have you created hierarchy in obiee. If so where and how?


What is level based will you create it?


How will change port of obiee answers?


What is star schema and snowflake schema?


What are the different types of security you have worked in obiee?


can you change the location of the obiee repository?


What are the major challenges you faced while creating the rpd?


What are the challenges you faced while making of reports?