Ab Initio Interview Questions
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What does dependency analysis mean in Ab Initio?


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How to Create Surrogate Key using Ab Initio?


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What is .abinitiorc and What it contain?


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What are the components new in 2.14 compared to 1.8 and State the usage of the components?


Describe the effect of the "checkpoint" t-sql statement?

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Describe what the SQL Server tempdb and tlog files are used for?


Why might the optimizer use a table scan when an index is available?


How might you quantitatively measure an improvement made to a query?

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What is the difference between sandbox and EME, can we perform checkin and checkout through sandbox?

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what does layout means in terms of Ab Initio?

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How do we handle if DML changing dynamicaly?

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How can we test the abintio manually and automation?

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How will you use EME for view or publish metadata reports using EME?

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How to Improve Performance of graphs in Ab initio?

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what is the difference between .dbc and .cfg file?

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How do you add default rules in the transformer?


What are the different forms of output that can be obtained after processing of data?


What are the co> operating system’s assorted library of integrated components?


what is the difference between usersandbox,privatesandbox,publicsandbox,commonproject sandbox?


What are the steps to create a repository in ab initio?


What do you mean by a transaction file and how it is different from that of a sort file?


How can a graph be run infinitely?


What are differences between different gde versions(1.10,1.11,1.12,1.13and 1.15)?


How to add default rules in transformer?


Tell us about the architecture of abinitio.


What does it mean by the term 'sort component'?


Within a cursor, how would you update fields on the row just fetched?


Why creation of temporary files depends on the value of MAX CORE ? How to use in abinitio graph? 10. What is the diff between abinitiorc and .abinitiorc files ? How to use in abinitio graph? 11. What is the use of allocate()? How to use in abinitio graph? 12. What is use of branch in EME ? 13. How you can break a lock in EME ? How can you lock a file so that only no one other than EME admin can break it ? How to use in abinitio graph? 14. When you should be using ablocal() ? How you can use ablocal_expr? How to use in abinitio graph? 15. Why you should not keep the layout as 'default' for input table component ? How to use in abinitio graph? 16. What is dynamic lookup ? How to use in abinitio graph? 17. What is dependent parameter ? How to use in abinitio graph? 18. What is BRE ? (Business Rule Environment - This is a recent addition in abinitio package) How to use in abinitio graph? 19.What is output index ? How to use in abinitio graph? 20. How you can track the records those are not getting selected from ‘select’ in reformat component ? How to use in abinitio graph? 21. Can we have more than one launcher process for a particular graph ? How about agent ? How to use in abinitio graph? 22. There are lot of new fuctions added in 2.15 , you can ask about them ? How to use in abinitio graph? 23. How can you run multiple instances of a graph in parallel? How to use


What is a partition and what are the different types of partition components in abinitio?


Mention what is the role of co-operating system in abinitio?