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Ness Technologies Interview Questions
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what is postback implementation?when pre-render event n init event is fired?

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Give an example of high severity and high priority bug, and low severity and low priority bug.

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How can you first report in Business Objects by using broadcast agent?


What is R T T I ?

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What is late bound function call and early bound function call? Differentiate.

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What is the difference between and interface and an abstract class ?

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What is polymorphism ? Explain with examples

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features of OOPS

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what is multi level inheritance give n example ?

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Can we have a private constructor ?

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Can we have a private virtual method ?

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How would you stop a class from class from being derived or inherited.

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What is multiple inheritance ?

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does .NET support multiple inheritance ?

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how do u achieve multilevel inheritance in .NET ?

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Ness Technologies Interview Questions

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