SAS Interview Questions
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SAS System ?

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sas macros


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How to select the observations randomly from a SAS dataset

NTT Data,

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In SAS how to read the variable values having different formats. eg:mar99,mar1999 (in a single variable)

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Describe the types of SAS programming tasks that you performed like Tables? Listings? Graphics? Ad hoc reports? Other?

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Have you been involved in editing the data or writing data queries?

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What techniques and/or PROCs do you use for tables?


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Do you prefer Proc Report or Proc Tabulate? Why?


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Are you involved in writing the inferential analysis plan? Tables specifications?



What do you feel about hardcoding?


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How experienced are you with customized reporting and use of Data _Null_ features?


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How do you write a test plan?


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What is the difference between verification and validation?


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What was the last computer book you purchased? Why?



What is your favorite all time computer book? Why?



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Un-Answered Questions { SAS }

Assuming {et} is randomly drawn from N(0,1) and e0 = 0, generate 200 observations of xt = et − 0.5e(t−1) and draw a line graph of xt.


What is maximum number of rows and cols can be handled in SAS?


what is hash files in sas and why we are using this one in sas?


what are the considerations when picking a SAS/STAT procedure?


To what type of programms have you used scratch macros?


What areas of SAS are you most interested in?


what cause the "error: connect:" and "error in the libname statement" when there weren't any such problems?


AE datasets names? how many types?


Hello, I have PROC SQLs results group by 3 fields and I use SUM and COUNT functions in SQL. The problem is when I try to display my result with PROC TABULATE. I am getting very big numbers. I believe I make a mistake some where in Tabulate. Here is my Proc Tabulate. PROC TABULATE DATA=OUT04_05 FORMAT=12.; CLASS YR CENTRE VISA / PRELOADFMT EXCLUSIVE; VAR NEWUSER FRAUD TRANSFER AUTUSER REISSUE; TABLE CENTRE ALL, (YR ALL)*VISA, (NEWUSER*F=COMMA12. AUTUSER*F=COMMA12. FRAUD*F=COMMA12. TRANSFER*F=COMMA12. REISSUE*F=COMMA12.) / MISSTEXT={LABEL='0'} PRINTMISS RTS=20; FORMAT VISA VISAFMT.; KEYLABEL SUM = ' ' ALL = 'TOTAL'; LABEL YR = 'DATE YEAR' NEWUSER = 'TOTAL NEW ACCT' TRANSFER = 'TOTAL TRANSFER' FRAUD = 'TOTAL FRAUD TRANSFER' AUTUSER = 'TOTAL AUTH USERS' REISSUE = 'TOTAL REISSUE'; When I code it like : NEWUSER*N*F=COMMA12. AUTUSER*N*F=COMMA12. I get same amount numbers but to find a NEWUSER I use COUNT(*) and to find AUTUSER I use SUM(xxxx) function so both result shouldn’t be the same my problem is in this point. Could you tell me where the problem in code is. How can I display my result? TX.


Did you used proc test? when?


Describe the function and utility of the most difficult SAS macro that you have written?


what type of graphs we will create(for 2+years candidates)?


What is the difference between proportion and average?


Is the physical structure of the data set in the same orientation as the report? Do you need to reshape the data sets? What method should you use to reshape the data–DATA steps,PROC TRANSPOSE,output data set from a procedure?


what is study design in while working with SAS? what are screening variables in SAS?