SAS Interview Questions
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SAS System ?

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sas macros

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How to select the observations randomly from a SAS dataset

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In SAS how to read the variable values having different formats. eg:mar99,mar1999 (in a single variable)

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Describe the types of SAS programming tasks that you performed like Tables? Listings? Graphics? Ad hoc reports? Other?

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Have you been involved in editing the data or writing data queries?

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What techniques and/or PROCs do you use for tables?


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Do you prefer Proc Report or Proc Tabulate? Why?


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Are you involved in writing the inferential analysis plan? Tables specifications?



What do you feel about hardcoding?


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How experienced are you with customized reporting and use of Data _Null_ features?


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How do you write a test plan?


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What is the difference between verification and validation?


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What was the last computer book you purchased? Why?



What is your favorite all time computer book? Why?



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how to create the AE dataset by using SDTMIG specifications and SAP plan by using UNIX platform?


Describe the function and utility of the most difficult SAS macro that you have written?


i have a dataset with 100 obs i want to generate title from 20th obs onwards with total observations. that should contain 100 obs.dont use firstobs and dnt split the data. use dataset block or proc report? how can we genarate;


what is the Population you used in your project, is it ITT or PP?


Below is the table. Required to be output should be the highest number of each student_id. Example. Student_id Subject Marks 1 Hindi 86 2 Hindi 70 3 English 80 . Calculate sum and average marks for each group of student_id Example. Student_id Subject Marks Total Marks Average 1 English 40 181 60.33333 2 English 67 196 65.33333 3 English 80 160 53.33333 PLEASE PROVIDE THE CODE OF ABOVE PROBLEMS


what is study design in while working with SAS? what are screening variables in SAS?


Hello Friends, am new to this forum and am not good at sas progarmming. please can any one of you send me couple of sample large sample SAS Jobs which can you use 200 MB of data and other sas job upto 25GB of data. am doing a performance testing on our legacy systems and new upgraded system. I would really appreciate if you can do me this favor Thank you Priya


Do you need to compute new variables? If so,should you do this before you execute the report-writing procedure?


Describe a time when you were really stuck on a problem and how you solved it?


what is ae onset date n what is RDS


Do we follow ADAM in analysis dataset development?How? Usually which version? Why is it necessary?


for report generation which one you used proc report or data_null_?


What would you change about your job?


To what type of programms have you used scratch macros?


what is information maps?