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how to do pergformence tuning in datastage?

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what is the difference between datasatge and datastage TX?

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What is exact difference between Parallel Jobs and server Jobs..


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How can we run same job in 1 day 2 times


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Wat is pre-load in Hashed file


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How can we run same job in 1 day 2 times


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What is exact difference between Parallel Jobs and server Jobs..


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tell me abt Datastage trigger?


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How do y read Sequential file from job control?

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How do u call shellscript/Batch file from DS?


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What are the different database update actions available?


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Wat is isolation level and when do u use them?


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How do u view log file for a particular job?


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How do u set a default value to a column if the column value is NULL?


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How did you reconcile source with target?


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what is 'reconsideration error' and how can i respond to this error and how to debug this


create a job that splits the data in the Jobs.txt file into four output files. You will direct the data to the different output files using constraints. • Job name: JobLevels • Source file: Jobs.txt • Target file 1: LowLevelJobs.txt − min_lvl between 0 and 25 inclusive. − Same column types and headings as Jobs.txt. − Include column names in the first line of the output file. − Job description column should be preceded by the string “Job Title:” and embedded within square brackets. For example, if the job description is “Designer”, the derived value is: “Job Title: [Designer]”. • Target file 2: MidLevelJobs.txt − min_lvl between 26 and 100 inclusive. − Same format and derivations as Target file 1. • Target file 3: HighLevelJobs.txt − min_lvl between 101 and 500 inclusive. − Same format and derivations as Target file 1. • Rejects file: JobRejects.txt − min_lvl is out of range, i.e., below 0 or above 500. − This file has only two columns: job_id and reject_desc. − reject_desc is a variable-length text field, maximum length 100. It should contain a string of the form: “Level out of range: ”, where is the value in the min_lvl field. My Question is how do you write the stage variable for reject rows.


Difference between IBM DATA STAGE8.5 and DATA STAGE9.1 ?


How to read the length of word in unix?


how to sort two columns in single job in datastage.


how to read 100 records at a time in source a) hw is it fr metadata Same and b) if metadata is nt same?


what is use of SDR function?


hi iam new to this tooliam cmpltied to know abt datastage so now iam in project tell me whole step by step what iam doing iwnt to go with exp so plz hlp me pals


Which is the best institute in Hyderabad to learn OBIEE and DataStage?Please tell me faculty name also


How to convert RGB Value to Hexadecimal values in datastage?


explain about completely flow of sequencers technicaly,without using example??explain about lookup,nullhandling?


how can we validate the flat files using the date in the header and number of records in the flat file? Using both conditions at a time.


1)How will u implement SCD2 by using surrogate key. 2)What are the disadvantages with surrogate key. 3)How will you handle nulls in your project for the varchar, integer data types. 4)Can I use two fact tables in star schema. 5)3 jobs are running on the 2 nodes after I added one more node so can I compile those jobs to run on three nodes.


tell me 5 situations when we r using oracle db stages like orecle connector, oracle enterprise


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