Data Stage Interview Questions
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how to do pergformence tuning in datastage?

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what is the difference between datasatge and datastage TX?

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What is exact difference between Parallel Jobs and server Jobs..


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How can we run same job in 1 day 2 times


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Wat is pre-load in Hashed file


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How can we run same job in 1 day 2 times


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What is exact difference between Parallel Jobs and server Jobs..


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tell me abt Datastage trigger?


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How do y read Sequential file from job control?

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How do u call shellscript/Batch file from DS?


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What are the different database update actions available?


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Wat is isolation level and when do u use them?


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How do u view log file for a particular job?


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How do u set a default value to a column if the column value is NULL?


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How did you reconcile source with target?


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1)How will u implement SCD2 by using surrogate key. 2)What are the disadvantages with surrogate key. 3)How will you handle nulls in your project for the varchar, integer data types. 4)Can I use two fact tables in star schema. 5)3 jobs are running on the 2 nodes after I added one more node so can I compile those jobs to run on three nodes.


Can you filter data in hashed file?


hi.... am facing typical problem in every interview " I need some critical scenarios faced in real time" plz help me guys


How to convert RGB Value to Hexadecimal values in datastage?


in oracle target stage when we use load option and when we use upsert option?


how can we create rank using datastage?what is the meaning of rank?


What is the Environment Variable need to Set to TRIM in Project Level?(In transfermer, we TRIM function but I need to impliment this project level using Environment variable)


How to create a file using vi editor? 2)how to delete a file in vi editor? 3)How to connect the server datastage to unix? what r the command lines we r using? 4)30 jobs r runnig in unix i want to find out my job. how to do this? give me command?


What are the partitioning techniques available in link partitioner?


Can anyone tell me a difficult situation who have handled while creating Datastage jobs?


if i have two tables table1 table2 1a 1a,b,c,d 1b 2a,b,c,d,e 1c 1d 2a 2b 2c 2d 2e how can i get data as same as in tables? how can i implement scd typ1 and type2 in both server and in parallel? field1 field2 field3 suresh , 10,324 , 355 , 1234 ram , 23,456 , 450 , 456 balu ,40,346,23 , 275, 5678 how to remove the duplicate rows,inthe fields?


how to connect source to db?generally what r stages u used? how to find the data is having delimiter format?


Different ways a project can be moved to production ?...example ….export-import and Version control.


explain about citrix scheduling tool in datastage


In work load management there are three options of Low priority, Medium priority and High Priority Jobs which can be used for resource management. why this feature is developed when there is already jobs prescheduled by scheduler or autosys. what will be the use of workload management then?