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When you have 2 servers in two different time zone and if you need to extract data from 1 server and load it in another server, how do you go about it? Best method to be used.

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what is the main role of FI on business


what are variable ports and list two situations when they can be used?


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what are the parts of Informatica server ?


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how does the server recongnise the source and target databases.Elaborate on this



list the transformation used for the following:Heterogeneous sources,Homogeneous sources,Find the 5 highest paid employees with in a dept,create a summery table,generate surrogate keys

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what is different between sequential batch and concurrent batch and which is recommended and why?


what is the use of server?


what is the use of server manager?


A session S_MAP1 is in Repository A. while running the session error message has displayed `server hot-ws270 is connect to Repository B`.what does it mean?


how do u implement scheduling in Informatica?


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what is the meaning of upgradation of Repository?



what is the indicator file and where it is used?

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1)Power center server and client on the same machine 2)power center server and client on the different machines What is the basic difference in these two setups and which is recommended ?


Informatica server and client are in different machines. You run the session from the server manager by specifying the source and target databases. It displays error . You are confident that everything is correct. Then why it is displaying the error?


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5. How many repositories can we create in Informatica? 6. What is surrogate key? 7. What is difference between Mapplet and reusable transformation? 8. What is aggregate awareness? 9. Explain reference cursor? 10. What are parallel querys and query hints? 11. DWH architecture? 12. What are cursors? 13. Advantages of de normalized data? 14. What is operational data source (ODS)? 15. What is meta data and system catalog? 16. What is factless fact schema? 17. What is confirmed dimension? 18. What is the capacity of power cube? 19. Difference between PowerPlay transformer and power play reports? 20. What is IQD file? 21. What is Cognos script editor? 22. What is difference macros and prompts? 23. What is power play plug in? 24. Which kind of index is preferred in DWH? 25. What is hash partition? 26. What is DTM session? 27. How can you define a transformation? What are different types of transformations in Informatica? 28. What is mapplet? 29. What is query panel? 30. What is a look up function? What is default transformation for the look up function? 31. What is difference between a connected look up and unconnected look up? 32. What is staging area? 33. What is data merging, data cleansing and sampling? 34. What is up date strategy and what are th options for update strategy? 35. OLAP architecture? 36. What is subject area? 37. Why do we use DSS database for OLAP tools?


Hi, I completed MCA in 2006.After studied Informatica,SQL server and basics of reporting tool in one of the training center in chennai.I got subject knowledge only.But I didn't go any job because I scared to face real time.Anyone please advice how can I enter again into this and anyone provide real time exposure with project.


Define Dynamic push down optmization?


what is data modeling?


can u anyone plz share some etl testing interview question . and share the sql queries and unix . plz help me to clear in the etl testing interview by sharing ur knowledge


what is the difference between cardinality and Nullability?


explain the methodology of Data Warehousing?(Polaries)


what are the data sources extracted from logistics cockpit in sap bw project and what is the requirement for it ?


how do use session mapping parameters ?(in which transformation)


what is granularity in Data ware House?


where are the log files generally stored.Can you change the path of the file.what can the path be?


How to delete data which is not in source table?


Give a way in which u can implement a real time scenario where data in a table is changing and u need to look up data from it.How will u configure the look up transform for this purpose?


when will use SQL override in a lookup transformation?


what is the difference between cardinality and Nullability?