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When you have 2 servers in two different time zone and if you need to extract data from 1 server and load it in another server, how do you go about it? Best method to be used.

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what is the main role of FI on business


what are variable ports and list two situations when they can be used?


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what are the parts of Informatica server ?


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how does the server recongnise the source and target databases.Elaborate on this



list the transformation used for the following:Heterogeneous sources,Homogeneous sources,Find the 5 highest paid employees with in a dept,create a summery table,generate surrogate keys

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what is different between sequential batch and concurrent batch and which is recommended and why?


what is the use of server?


what is the use of server manager?


A session S_MAP1 is in Repository A. while running the session error message has displayed `server hot-ws270 is connect to Repository B`.what does it mean?


how do u implement scheduling in Informatica?


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what is the meaning of upgradation of Repository?



what is the indicator file and where it is used?

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1)Power center server and client on the same machine 2)power center server and client on the different machines What is the basic difference in these two setups and which is recommended ?


Informatica server and client are in different machines. You run the session from the server manager by specifying the source and target databases. It displays error . You are confident that everything is correct. Then why it is displaying the error?


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how do u really know that paging to disk is happening while u are using a lookup transform?


how does the server recongnise the source and target databases.Elaborate on this


how to connect to a flatfile through ftp in informatica


explain the methodology of Data Warehousing?(Polaries)


what is pmrep command?


please tell me any easy ways of testing the Data warehouse project. In my project we are not using any tools for ETL. we are writing scripts in SCRIPTELLA. And we using Pentaho tool for Reporting How can i test all these. please tell me ASAP. thanks in adavance


two sources S1,S2 containing measures M1,M2,M3, 4 dimensions D1,D2,D3,D4, 1 Fact F1 containing measures M1,M2,M3 and surrogate keys K1,K2,K3,K4 (a) write a sql statement to populate Fact table F1 (b) Design a mapping in Informatica for loading of fact table F1.


when u connect the repository for the first time it asks you for user name & password of repository and database both.But subsequent times it asks only repository password. why?


What is granularity? Please explain with example


what is Forward,Reverse and Re_engineering?


Knowledge on what are the improtant characteristice that we need ot consider while developing an ETL Code


Two default user groups created in the repository are____and_____.


Hi Guys, my requirement is to load 1 yr data from oracle to teradata database through abinitio etl graph.i need to schedule this as a monthly job.but i want to load 12 month data for the first time and from second time it should load last (recent) month data and delete 13th month data. For example For the first time it should load 201208 to 201108 data, second time it should delete 201108 month data and load 201209 month data. I developed garph to load 12 month data ,but i don't know how to handle above requirement as am new to abinitio. i greatly appreciate you help.Thank You.


diff b/w dwh & data mart diff b/w star schema & snow flake schema diff b/w fact table & dimension table what are the contents in requirement specification what are the docs needed for testing draw ur proj architecture


what is the difference between cubes and package in cognos