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can BO generate reports with out CUBICAL data to repository?

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what is main functional differences between BO and COGNOs?


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how to test reports in businessobjects?


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What is a universe?


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Analysis in business objects?

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Who launches the supervisor product in Business Objects for first time?

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How can you check the universe?

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What are universe parameters?

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Types of universes in business objects?


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What is security domain in Business Objects?


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Where will you find the address of repository in Business Objects?

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What is broad cast agent?

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In Business Objects 4.1 version what is the alternative name for broadcast agent?


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What services the broadcast agent offers on the server side?


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How can you access your repository with different user profiles?


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BO Security (creating the restriction sets in Universe and applying on selected groups or users) or Database security (Creating the tables in database insrting the user details in that tables and giving conditions in self restricting joins in Universe )Which Security will improve the performance of the reports and for best practices ? I am thinking BO Security will give the better performance, could you please share your thoughts on this please... Thanks...


can anybody tell me about issues faced while creating reports


in sap bi we have wad, then why we go for sap bo


Hi, What is the best answer for tell me about yourself for 2 years experience in bo developing.


webI report not showing Barcode in PDF format, i have used BC39 font,but barcode is shown in HTML but not in PDF, please any solutions??


In source system we have os - windows BO - 5.1.5. with webi 2.7.1 Repository database - oracle Reports database - Oracle and DB2 Nearly we have 1200 reports in present system , i want to move as it is to new hardware os- windows bo- 5.1.5 with webi2.7.1 repository - oracle reports - oracle and db2 let me know is there any migration techniques in same version. thanks in advance Usha


Can you please send me the migration related issues .


Its regarding Javascript coding for customization in BI4 reports. We need to have all the options disabled in the report except the option to Export(save the report in computer in Excel/pdf formats). I am able to hide TopBar,TabBar,Left Navigation etc but I need "Export" option to be displayed to the users in Read mode. Can this selective "hiding" be achieved?


Tell me a business scenario where I can achieve the data through MINUS only not through subquery.


i want my connection to be dynamic. How can I make it. I mean the username and password should be dynamic. How?


(1) Is it possible to create measures using objects from different context. (2) If cross context measures are not possible then what about @aggregate_aware() function ,here we use objects from different contexts. (3)Two measures from two different context ,can they be summed at report level.


hi all of u, i want to learn the course in SAP(BI).because of there is no calls for BO. And the another region is it will be converted into SAP module. is it OK for me? is there any feauture in coming days? could any one plz send me the message


any difficulitis have you phase while creating bo reports and how did u solve it


Hi friends, I am trying to create OLAP connection in IDT. I am getting error "error code:405 METHOD NOT ALLOWED" I am using "http:/olap/msmdpump.dll" I am using ms sql server 2012 -- cube


can some body explain how migrate the BoXI r2 to BO 3.x and crystal reports XI r1 to Crystal report 2008 ?