Business Objects Interview Questions
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can BO generate reports with out CUBICAL data to repository?

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what is main functional differences between BO and COGNOs?


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how to test reports in businessobjects?


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What is a universe?


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Analysis in business objects?

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Who launches the supervisor product in Business Objects for first time?

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How can you check the universe?

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What are universe parameters?

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Types of universes in business objects?


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What is security domain in Business Objects?


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Where will you find the address of repository in Business Objects?

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What is broad cast agent?

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In Business Objects 4.1 version what is the alternative name for broadcast agent?


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What services the broadcast agent offers on the server side?


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How can you access your repository with different user profiles?


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In banking domain how many Fact tables,Dimension table are present?


what is the difference b/w the refresh and buffered data?


what is the difference between add link and include link in BO? Explain me with a scenario when to go for add link and when to go for include link?


how to create reports on screech?


Can we configure two instances of CMS pointing to two different CMS system databases?


Migration of Reports from business objects 5.1.5 to samee version in different hardware?


Its regarding Javascript coding for customization in BI4 reports. We need to have all the options disabled in the report except the option to Export(save the report in computer in Excel/pdf formats). I am able to hide TopBar,TabBar,Left Navigation etc but I need "Export" option to be displayed to the users in Read mode. Can this selective "hiding" be achieved?


Which command using Query Analyzer will give you the version of SQL server and operating system ?


how to create metric universe ?


Can more than 1 metric be applied on an analytic in business objects?


Then how to select the source by using webi or deski reports into crystal reports? i think main source is Businessview. where u import the datasource ?


what are the tables used in health care domain project and columns used in report?


please explain me with the real time tables on how aggregate tables are created and how aggregate awareness is addressed to it.


Hi I'm using data federator.I would like to know if it allows select statment in where clause.For example: SELECT Employee, company, orgunit FROM TAB_BIG WHERE employee IN (Select TAB_SMALL.employee FROM TAB_SMALL WHERE flag = X ) bye


What is package in BO