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can BO generate reports with out CUBICAL data to repository?

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what is main functional differences between BO and COGNOs?


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how to test reports in businessobjects?


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What is a universe?


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Analysis in business objects?

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Who launches the supervisor product in Business Objects for first time?

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How can you check the universe?

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What are universe parameters?

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Types of universes in business objects?


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What is security domain in Business Objects?


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Where will you find the address of repository in Business Objects?

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What is broad cast agent?

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In Business Objects 4.1 version what is the alternative name for broadcast agent?


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What services the broadcast agent offers on the server side?


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How can you access your repository with different user profiles?


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what is xcelsius architecture?


1)I have createcd a dashboard on Bex query. How to refresh the Dashboard without hitting the bex query? 2)What is Event based scheduling in BO? 3) How to display the BO webi report title using a function? 4) For eg in my webi report iam having a person name like Jhon Peter Adam. But i need to get only the middle name of the person like Peter. What function is used in Webi to get this?


What is difference between custom hierarchy and report based hierarchy?


Hi I'm using data federator.I would like to know if it allows select statment in where clause.For example: SELECT Employee, company, orgunit FROM TAB_BIG WHERE employee IN (Select TAB_SMALL.employee FROM TAB_SMALL WHERE flag = X ) bye


In banking domain how many Fact tables,Dimension table are present?


hi all of u, i want to learn the course in SAP(BI).because of there is no calls for BO. And the another region is it will be converted into SAP module. is it OK for me? is there any feauture in coming days? could any one plz send me the message


Explain what sort of existing documents should business analysts refer to when starting on a new project?


Explain as a ba (business analyst) approaching a new piece of work, who would you interview and what questions would you ask?


How can you first report in Business Objects by using broadcast agent?


What is difference between webi and infoview?


Explain when we use aggregate awareness function in designer?


Explain what is the difference between slice and dice and cross tab report?


Can any one say me how i can integrate 3 or more analytics like radio bottons,line chart,pie chart while designing a dash board in xcelsius and i am also facing problem to show one after another values in the same chat at a time..... Please help me out for this....


Explain which versions are used in the bo dashboard work?


Explain is there any tool that can compare two unvs / two rpts , built using bo 5.1 / bo 6.5?