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Business Objects Interview Questions
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can BO generate reports with out CUBICAL data to repository?

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what is main functional differences between BO and COGNOs?


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how to test reports in businessobjects?


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What is a universe?


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Analysis in business objects?

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Who launches the supervisor product in Business Objects for first time?

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How can you check the universe?

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What are universe parameters?

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Types of universes in business objects?


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What is security domain in Business Objects?


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Where will you find the address of repository in Business Objects?

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What is broad cast agent?

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In Business Objects 4.1 version what is the alternative name for broadcast agent?


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What services the broadcast agent offers on the server side?


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How can you access your repository with different user profiles?


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Un-Answered Questions { Business Objects }

Tell me a business scenario where I can achieve the data through MINUS only not through subquery.


How can you first report in Business Objects by using broadcast agent?


What is report template in b.o?


Explain are data mart and data warehouse normalized or denormalized? Do both of them exist in?


Explain what task is 98% of the required work of a business analyst?


Explain when we use aggregate awareness function in designer?


Explain in detail about type 2(scd),


Hi, I would like to know how is the integration if we want to use Oracle Essbase as the Cube Engine, and present the Cube by Business Objects Presentation Layer? Can Oracle Essbase be integrated with Business Objects? Thanks,


1. 101 vinay hyderabad 123 naresh usa 152 singh delhi 101 vinay usa 123 naresh mumbai 156 raju chennai From the above data we need to retrive current data in a report ? how and explain in detail ?


Explain what are the steps to do to use alerts in bo?


Its regarding Javascript coding for customization in BI4 reports. We need to have all the options disabled in the report except the option to Export(save the report in computer in Excel/pdf formats). I am able to hide TopBar,TabBar,Left Navigation etc but I need "Export" option to be displayed to the users in Read mode. Can this selective "hiding" be achieved?


What is thumbnail?


Explain about an assignment you worked on in which you had to amass a huge amount of data, and then analyze it?


If I have three predefined prompts. In a report it will come randomly. How they will come in a specified format?


Explain what sort of existing documents should business analysts refer to when starting on a new project?