what is plc?

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what is plc?..

Answer / srinita upadhyay

plc(programmable logic controller)is a microprocessor based
device which store data.

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what is plc?..

Answer / guest

plc is difinds as programmable logic controller

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what is plc?..

Answer / raja

Plc means program logical controll

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what is plc?..

Answer / eswaran p

PLC ( Programmable Logic Controller ),it is introduced as
replacement of relay logic circuit, by using PLC
complicated logic can be able to make . it is having
internal memory .

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what is plc?..

Answer / surendra gupta

plc means "programmable logic controller".
plc is a solid state computerised industrial controller
that performs discreate or sequential logic in factory
invironment. it was origenally doveloped to replace
mechanical relay, timer and counter.
plc is important to the
word of industrial automation.

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what is plc?..

Answer / mohan

PLC is a programmmable logic controller. which is an
automation to control the actuators and/or valves to done
the process.

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what is plc?..

Answer / guest

Programmer Logic Controller, which works hand in hand with SCADA

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what is plc?..

Answer / laxmi udasi

PLC is used to control the operation of machine

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what is plc?..

Answer / ibrahim s

PLC(Programable Logic Controller):

*It is used to emulates relay logic interlock and
provide device status.

*It works by looking at its input and depending upon
their state turning on or off its outputs.

*It control the devices according to user defined

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what is plc?..

Answer / t.pitchaikannu

PLC(Programmable Logic Controller)
* It is a controller which is used to control machines ,
process,or total industry
* It is programmable ,depending upon application we can
change the program ,download and run the controller.
* They are so many logics are used to write a programme
1.Ladder Logic(LD)
2.Instruction List(IL)
3.Function Block Diagram(FBD)
4.Structure Text(ST)
5.Sequential Flow Chart(SLF)
* From this name itself it used to control the
applications by programming the logic.

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