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why require the ph, buffer during hplc mobile phase?

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What attracted you to analytical chemistry?

0 Answers  

what is batch no. of prednisole tablet.

8 Answers   Dr Reddys,

What is the purpose & importance of using the polystyrene film in ir calibration?

3 Answers   Vimta Labs,

why we need to do karl ficher fector ?

2 Answers   Reliance,

what is mean by assay?

6 Answers  

Why we compare unequal concentrated solutions in heavy metals test. For example comparing the test solution with 1 ppm lead standard and telling it's less than 20ppm?

1 Answers   Micro Labs, Mistair,

What is difference between Related Substance & Impurity Profile?

2 Answers   Jubilant Organosys,

why plane of polarized light rotated by opticaly active compunds?

1 Answers   Glenmark,

WHY given much noise PDA dector then VWD Dector

0 Answers  

Definition of beers_ lamberts law

4 Answers   Aarti Industries, Agio Pharmaceuticals, Emcure, Supriya Lifescience,

Which water can use Hplc analysis

9 Answers   BioGenomics, Dr Reddys, Reddy Labs,

Which parameter require to do for analytical method equivalency?

0 Answers  

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