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XYZ Interview Questions
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How you came to know about this company?

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What is Sensex? What is Nifty ? Difference between these two

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Which of the following is a non-metal that remains liquid at room temperature? 1 Bromine 2 Chlorine 3 Helium 4 Phosphorus

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What is your daily routine?

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How soon can you travel down to any Location posted U?

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How many steel is require in one sqft area?

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What is Vendor Reconciliation and how is it done ?

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I am a Senior Software Engineer with 8+ years experience. I am divorced. My eldest Brother and elder Sister are settled in US. I want to aspire for H1b visa. Does this affect my getting the visa


difference between temporary change control and deviation

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what is payment medium program ? how to config advance payment in app ? payment suplymentary in app?


an acceptance is to offer what ba lighted of match to trains of gun powder?explain with relevant cases.

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please any body tell me ,the real time responsibilities of sap fico consultant and what r the tools used by him in his real time time job. i want the entire real time job scenario


What is duty of area , regional

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can we use the same detector in HPLC as well GC and what could be the differences we can find in the final chromato graph in any aspects?


I scored 292 in GRE and 66 in TOEFL ... I want to pursue MS in MIS... will u pls suggest me universities accepting these score?


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Which forms have you most often used in your current and former positions? : insurance health


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