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how can give the expiry period and restadardisation of
volumetric solution

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which are the diffrent batches in the pharmaceuticals?

0 Answers  

Dear Sir, This is Thirunavukkarasu am working in Ordain Health Care AR&D, Am Having one problem While doing method development my question Metadoxine and Pyridoxine same chemical nature and structural activity i tried lot of methods but Analyte eluted same Retantion time i cant separate both peaks. solubility, pH both are same only only difference melting point metadoxine 210 C Pyridoxine 102 C please do the help needful for me

5 Answers   Ordain Solutions,

What is UV cut off?

1 Answers   Sanmar,

Why do we need GC instead of HPLC? or Why do we need HPLC instead of GC?

4 Answers  

why octanol used to determine the partition coefficient ?

0 Answers  

What is the difference between Primay and Secondry Standard ?

6 Answers   College School Exams Tests, Neuland,

what is mass spectra ? why it is necessary ?

1 Answers  

what is batch no. of prednisole tablet.

8 Answers   Dr Reddys,

Why Deuterium lamp is used as UV light Source for UV.

4 Answers  

What is the diffrence between the performing of LOD ordinary drying at voven and vaccum method.

4 Answers   Apex,

How do we fix the sample concentaryion in hplc method development?

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why we use Dichlorobenzene.nitrobezine.t-butyldi sulhate.for calibration of gc Head space

0 Answers   Raks Pharma,

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