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Why we select scan range from higer wavelength to lower wavelength in uv visible spectroscopy and ftir spectroscopy ? .

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why disodium tartarate used in karl-fischer instrument ?.

1 Answers   Dishman,

Identify problem faced when mass spectroscopy is used with HPLC system ?

0 Answers   College School Exams Tests,

loss on drying we applied vaccum for some compounds and some compounds are at 105c why

3 Answers  

At what distance the sample is collected in dissolution basket?

3 Answers  

why RID detector is used for selective materials like Mannitol, Hydroxyethyl Starch and Sorbitol?

5 Answers  

what is the difference between melting range & melting point? Which is more significant?

5 Answers  

How can we calculates the solubility of the drug in different medias by injecting in to hplc????(solubility studies)

2 Answers   Super Pharmaceuticals,

how ir specrometer is calibrated ?

1 Answers  

why do u get different drug release while doing calibration of dissolution test appratus 1& 2(paddle & basket)?

1 Answers   HDFC, Medrich, Twilight Litaka Pharma,

why we are taking 89ml concentrated HCL for preparing 1N HCL

3 Answers  

for which type of applications gas chromatography is used?

2 Answers  

what are the ideal conditions for coloumn storage

3 Answers   Claris Lifesciences, Srikem Laboratories,

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