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How to convert mmWc(mili meter water colam) to tph(ton per hour)?

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on which principle control valve works?

3 Answers   Lupin, Reliance,

Can anybody tell me which type of question are asked in the interview for the FORMULATION(Pharma) as a instrumentation engineer, & question in building managment system.

0 Answers   Reddy Labs, ScienceWay,

can we copy the software from a transmitter using hht(hart 275) ?

0 Answers  

how to callibrate a new i/p converter

7 Answers   TATA,

What is the exact output of eddy current proximity probe? For vibration mesurment?

2 Answers  

HI friends.I am Surya a BTech in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering.I am going to appear Relince Industries Ltd all India writen test very soon. so plz help me by sendind the probable questions about my subject.My mail ID is

0 Answers   Reliance,

what is difference between total flow and flow rate in general ?? explain it with daily life example.

3 Answers   GNFC,

how flame detectors sense the flame.

3 Answers  

What is the relationship between GAIN and PROPORTIONAL BAND.

1 Answers   Kharafi National, Sabic,

send me HPCL paper

6 Answers   HPCL, Shuiba Hotel,


1 Answers  

y v r connecting 250 ohms resistor in series when u cummunicate with BT in bench calibration?

5 Answers  

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